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Buddhism in Plain Terms | The Token of Entry to Heaven | 15 Dec 2019

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Time : Sunday 4.15pm-5.45pm (fortnightly)
Venue : Singapore Oriental Radio Practice Centre
Topic of Discussion : The Objective of Dharma Practice and Cultivation – The token of entry to Heaven


On 15 December 2019 @ 4:15pm Guan Yin Citta, Singapore held yet another Buddhism in Plain Terms (BIPT) Group Study (in English), initiating a process of understanding Master Jun Hong Lu’s wisdom on Buddhist teachings. 

The topic of this week was the Objective of Dharma Practice and Cultivation. On the top of the agenda was to understand the concept of Worldly Entanglement and how we ended up trapped in this karmic web of today.

The class then moved on to discuss the topic for day “ The token of entry to Heaven”. Participants gained insights on the two important prerequisites i.e. state-of-mind and meritorious blessings. It was a fulfilling day of learning and discussion.

Let us now look at some comments from participants:
My favourite segment of the discussion was being able to delve deeper into meritorious blessings. The facilitators made reference to Master Lu’s radio program, further reinforcing highlights of the text. I will be sure to attend the session again, as reading the translation allowed me to gain a layer of understanding that I would otherwise not be able to glean with my grasp of Chinese.”

白话佛法英语共修 – 佛友反馈:
“英语共修的问答环节激发了我的思维,让我思考从未思考过的问题,同时也考验我对佛学理论的认识。参与了共修之后,我在修心方面获得许多启发,也给我带来了精进学佛的动力。共修过程中,师兄们利用各种妙法,深入浅出地讲解一些重点理论。例如:以图文并茂的方式对“尘丝之网”进行解释,让大家从中获益,法喜充满! 在此鼓励各位会讲英语的师兄们参加白话佛法英语共修,肯定能让大家获益良多,得到佛菩萨的加持!”



Please click here to download the Summary Slides shared during the Group Study:

 20191215  The Token of Entry to Heaven

< Buddhism in Plain Terms < 白话佛法共修分享