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Buddhism in Plain Terms | How to Remain Steadfast in Faith in Times of Adversities? | 19 Jan 2020

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Time : Sunday 4.15pm-5.45pm (fortnightly)
Venue : Singapore Oriental Radio Practice Centre
Topic of Discussion : The Meaning of Life from a Dharma Perspective – How to remain steadfast in faith in times of adversities?

On 19 January 2020 @ 415pm Guan Yin Citta, Singapore held yet another Buddhism in Plain Term (BIPT) Group Study (in English) – 白话佛法英语共修, initiating a process of understanding Master Jun Hong Lu’s wisdom on Buddhist teachings.

This week’s session covered the last part of the chapter on ‘The Meaning of Life from a Dharma Perspective’. The session opened with the central concept in the Buddha’s teaching: Suffering. Participants were encouraged to explore what The Eight Sufferings is, the various forms and why it is not a condemnation but a joyous opportunity.

The class were inspired knowing that the way to heal this disease-like condition is to apply the medicine-like path of training (in maintaining a Mind of Equanimity)  to restore one’s original good health, which is enlightenment.

The session then saw a radical and determined discussion by participants on how a person could remain unperturbed in face of life’s adversities. They were gratified when the discussion was led to the Buddha’s teachings on the cultivation of a very important mental attitude in Buddhism i.e. “to accord with conditions”.

The class were enlightened to learn that this positive mental attitude could only be learnt within a general atmosphere of clear-mindedness and understanding of reality transience.

Next the topic of forgiveness took centre stage. Participants were awakened to Master Lu’s advice that those who cannot let go of a real or imagined wrong against them are not practicing true compassion, as resentment and compassion do not co-exist.

This week’s session ended with a word of wisdom by Master Lu: “Great Forbearance, Great Blessings” – a very timely reminder for all this coming season of reunion with their loved ones.


Let’s take a look at what some of the participants have got to say:

I really like this highly interactive English session where the Buddhist friends were very enthusiastic in their sharing, raising questions and ultimately gain understanding through the materials shared. It really had benefited me a lot!





Please click here to download the Summary Slides shared during the Group Study:

  19.1.2020 How to remain steadfast in faith in times of adversities.

< Buddhism in Plain Terms < 白话佛法共修分享