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Propagating Buddhism


Propagating Buddhism

On 24 May 2013, Guan Yin Citta, Singapore opened its doors at 95 Tanjong Pagar. Master Lu said the following when contacted on the phone, “Now that you have a practice centre, you have a home. You must let Guan Yin Citta take root in Singapore and help me spread Buddhism to the whole world from this point onwards!” At that time, there were only a few volunteers on duty at the practice centre. However, the team made it a point to open the door of the Practice Centre everyday regardless of holidays as they did not wish to miss the opportunity to be of service to all predestined sentient beings.



Guan Yin Citta, Singapore held a Dharma Convention for the first time at Star Vista

On 8 March 2014, Guan Yin Citta, Singapore held its very first Dharma Convention at Star Vista for 5000 attendees. Unexpectedly, 7000 Buddhist friends came to attend! Subsequently, Master Lu said on his radio program, “Although many of you may already have forgotten, but I am unable to forget the 2000 over Buddhist friends who were unable to enter the venue during the Dharma Convention in Singapore. I will definitely return to propagate Buddhism in Singapore!”



First Sharing Session held on August 2014

Soon after the Dharma Convention, Guan Yin Citta, Singapore organised the first ever sharing session on August 2014 so as to allow more predestined sentient beings to learn Buddhism. All 300 available seats were taken up.



Small-scale Sharing Sessions at the Practice Centre every Saturday

Every Saturday, the Practice Centre will organise a small-scale sharing session where the small space available for propagating Buddhism would, more often than not, be packed with Buddhist friends. Volunteers would then make way for them and choose to listen to the sharing while standing outside the glass door.



On 11 April 2015, Master Lu visited Singapore for yet another Dharma Convention

On this day, Master Lu visited Singapore to propagate Buddhism once again. He held a Dharma Convention where all the 20,000 seats available were occupied! What’s more amazing is that all reading materials prepared for free distribution were given out that day.



Singapore Guan Yin Practice Centre has moved to a better location!

In February 2016, Singapore Guan Yin Practice Centre was relocated to a place three times more spacious than the original one in Tanjong Pagar.



Guan Yin Citta Practice Centre had once again organised a Grand Dharma Convention in Singapore Expo.

On 26 April 2016, Guan Yin Citta Practice Group had once again organised a Grand Dharma Convention in Singapore Expo. However, it would be interesting to note that, in anticipation of a much bigger crowd this time, a total of three halls were rented.



A Dharma Convention was held at the Singapore National Stadium for the first time

On 18 February 2017, Guan Yin Citta held an extraordinary Dharma Convention at the Singapore National Stadium for the first time. It was attended by 50,000 people. Thousands of Buddhist friends from all over the world joined hands to put together this event and they prayed that all the people of Singapore and lay Buddhist practitioners across the globe would be blessed.



Sharing Session Attended by 1500 People

On 22 October 2017, a Sharing Session attended by 1500 people was held at Kallang Theatre. The melodious choral performance, exciting programme and Buddhism sharing was very well received by the Buddhist friends who were touched and had nothing but high praise for the session.


Fulfilling Social Responsibility


Mother's Day celebration

Free Flower Arrangement Class in conjunction with Mother’s Day celebration and Free hair cut for residents



Distribution Of Dry Food To The Underprivileged Groups

Distribution Of Dry Food To The Elderlies In Singapore – In Cooperation With The Local Community Centre



Father's Day Celebration

Free Flower Arrangement Class In Conjunction With Father’s Day Celebration.



Coney Island Excursion

Coney Island Excursion With Buddhist Friends To Promote Healthy Lifestyle



Queenstown Residents Mid Autumn Festival Celebration

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration With Residents Of Queenstown – In Collaboration With The Local Community Centre.


“Thinking back, on the opening day of the Singapore Practice Centre in 2013, Master Lu said, “It is my wish that Guan Yin Citta will take root and flourish in Singapore”. From then on, a rapid growth took place – from a very limited number of volunteers to a few thousands of followers. We owe this to the compassionate pledge of Guan Yin Bodhisattva to help sentient beings, the dedication of Master Lu, the promising social conditions in Singapore and not forgetting the painstaking effort of all Buddhist friends and volunteers.”

– Singapore Guan Yin Citta Practice Centre