Introduction to Master Jun Hong Lu

Master Jun Hong Lu (Justice of the Peace)  is the President, Director and Founder of the highly regarded 2OR Australia Oriental TV and Radio station and a renowned leader of the Chinese Community in Australia. Master Lu is well known internationally for his work in promoting traditional Chinese Culture, World Peace and helping people through Buddhist Teachings. In merely a few years, there are over 10 million people following Master Lu’s teachings with the spirit and compassion of Mahayana Buddhism.

With the mission to promote traditional Chinese culture, Master Jun Hong Lu provides teachings of “loving kindness and compassion”, as well as the essence of Buddhist philosophy. Master Jun Hong Lu encourages people to refrain from wrongdoings and perform good deeds. Besides that, Master Lu is the chairman and director of Australia Oriental Media Buddhist Charity Association (AOMB).  AOMB is registered under Australian Charities and Non for profit Commission-ACNC.Charity ABN: 96169422664. A year later, it is registered under United Nations Global Compact as NGO-Non Government Organisation since July 2015.



World Peace Award (Buddhism)

 July 8, 2012 Master Jun Hong Lu was invited to London to participate in the “World Religious Union Conference”, one of the 60th anniversary celebrations of the Queen of England and the British Royal Family. Master Jun Hong Lu was honoured with the “World Peace Award (Buddhism)” and the title of “Ambassador for World Peace” of the year. This was in recognition of his contributions to the propagation of humanity, traditional Chinese culture, and Buddhism over the past few decades. The award was presented by the Deputy Mayor of London and members of parliament.


Award for Exceptional Contribution and Peace Advocacy to the Global Community

18 December 2013 – Jun Hong Lu JP is presented with Award for Exceptional Contribution and Peace Advocacy to the Global Community in Berlin, German. The institution for Cultural Diplomacy praises with a distinguished contribution to Master Jun Hong Lu who have gone above his duty. Master Lu have had a profound impact on the global community and have served as a prominent advocate for peace. He has been recognised for his commitment in providing spiritual guidance and strengthening communities through his work. His effort in promoting the principles of Cultural Diplomacy are Highly appreciated.


The Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2013

18 December 2013, Master Jun Hong Lu has attended the Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy, “Cultural Diplomacy & Cross Continental Cooperation : Building Bridges for a United Global Community”(December 17th – 21st, 2013), along with political and religious leaders from around the world in Berlin, Germany. The Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy is the world’s leading event in the field of cultural diplomacy Co-hosted and organized by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and The IMAN Foundation. Hon. Simon Crean (Former Australian Minister for Regional Development), President Emil Constantinescu (Former President of Romania), The Hon. Halldór Ásgrímsson (Former Prime Minister of Iceland), The Hon. Bertie Ahern (Former Prime Minister of Ireland), Amb. Katalin Bogyay (President of UNESCO’s General Conference 2011-3) and many other political and religious leaders have attended the summit. (ref:


Honorary Visiting Professorship - University of Siena

1 April 2014, Master Jun Hong Lu, the Ambassador for World Peace and a world-renowned Buddhist teacher, was awarded Honorary Visiting Professorship by the University of Siena. The visiting professorship came under the Master Program in Global Governance and Cultural Diplomacy of the University of Siena, in collaboration with the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD). This memorable event was held at the Meliá Hotel in Rome, Italy.


World Peace Ambassador - US Congress

March 24, 2014, Master Lu was invited to attend the UN-supported summit on global peace at the United Nations headquarters in New York. The summit was aimed to provide a road map for a culture of peace as conflict prevention and mediation.

In appreciation for Master Lu’s dedication, outstanding leadership and service to the promotion of education, culture and peace, the UN-supported summit awardedMaster Lu with the title of “Ambassador of Peace Education”. The award was presented by Mr Emil Constantinescu, the former president of Romania, and Ms Joanna, the executive director of International Strategic Alliance Committee.


Attended the Culture of Peace Summit held at the UN Headquarter

24 March 2014 – Jun Hong Lu JP was invited to attend and speak at the Culture of Peace Summit held at the UN Headquarter in New York. As a key speaker, Jun Hong Lu JP has presented a speech on “How to apply Buddhism and Chinese Traditional Culture in promoting world peace”. Leading politicians and religious leaders from 23 countries, representative from the University of Yale and the United Nations have attended the summit.


28-30 May 2015 – Master Jun Hong Lu has attended the “2015 International Buddhist Conference” on the United Nations Day of Vesak with religious leaders form around the world in Bangkok, Thailand.  (Photo: First Row, Tenth from Left).

He was invited by the United Nations to attend the conference as a special guest at United Nations Conference Centre, Thailand. Master Lu met with Somdet Phra Maharatchamongkhalachan, the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand, and leading politicians during the “2015 International Buddhist Conference”. Thousands of political and religious leaders from 80 over countries has attended this 3-day conference.


Attended the United Nations High Level Forum on The Culture of Peace

September 2015, Jun Hong Lu  JP was invited to attend the “United Nations High Level Forum on The Culture of Peace” at the Trusteeship Council Chamber, UN Headquarters in New York, along with leaders from around the world. The Forum was convened by the President of the 69th General Assembly His Excellency Mr Sam K. Kutesa in cooperation with The Global Movements for the Cultural Peace (GMCoP).  Jun Hong Lu JP was also invited to attend and speak at the Culture of Peace summite at the UN HQ in September 2016.


Invitation by the President of Sri Lanka to visit Sri Lanka

17 March 2017 – President of Sri Lanka, Maithripala Sirisena has invited Master Jun Hong Lu for a conversation about the development and contribution of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. The President has presented an award in appreciation of Master Lu’s outstanding contributions to the economics and cultural exchanges between Sri Lanka and Australia Oriental Media Buddhist Charity Association.


United Nations Vesak Festival

May 24, 2018, UNESCO held the “2018 United Nations Vesak Festival” at the headquarters in Paris, France. The theme the year was “Promotion of Peace and Non-Violence: Buddha’s Way of Life”.  Sessions were held to promote intercultural and interfaith dialogue for sustainable peace. Professor Jun Hong Lu JP, the world- renowned spiritual teacher and Chairman of both the World’s Parliament of Religions Foundation and theAustralia Oriental Media Buddhist Charity Association, was invited to give a keynote speech.