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Buddhism in Plain Terms | Breaking Through Ignorance | 29 Dec 2019

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Time : Sunday 4.15pm-5.45pm (fortnightly)
Venue : Singapore Oriental Radio Practice Centre
Topic of Discussion : The Meaning of Life from a Dharma Perspective

On 29 December 2019 @ 415pm Guan Yin Citta, Singapore held yet another Buddhism in Plain Term (BIPT) Group Study (in English) , initiating a process of understanding Master Jun Hong Lu’s wisdom on Buddhist teachings.

The topic of this week was “the Meaning of Life from a Dharma Perspective”. The session opened up with a lighthearted discussion regarding the difference between ignorance and stupidity. Behind these seemingly innocuous concepts lies the key to why we are trapped in the cycle of rebirth, and participants aptly took a step towards breaking free from ignorance in submerging themselves with the supportive atmosphere of the group study session.

Additionally, the session delved into the utility of practising mindful self-awareness, and many participants were treated to a timely reminder from each other to constantly reflect on their thoughts and actions in a bid to do better as the year comes to a close.

Finally, the discussion moved towards close-reading the text and how it advocated for us to be conscious of food wastage as the karma of wasting food is not to be underestimated. It was truly a day of laughter underpinned by an enlightening discussion that challenged the worldview of all participants. 

Let us now look at some comments from participants:

“The structure and focused nature of the discussion offered immense aid in my understanding of the text, transforming difficult and abstract concepts into something that any layperson can understand. I especially enjoyed the revision prompts that tested my comprehension about what we had just covered as being able to recap drills the lessons learnt from the discussion deeper into my mind. This was truly a great way to end the year, and I genuinely hope that more Buddhist friends will take part in the first session of 2020 so that we can learn more together!”


白话佛法英语共修的方式非常有规划而且讨论的重点非常明确。师兄把较深的佛法变得浅显易懂,让没有接触过佛法的我们获益良多。我特别喜欢师兄在总结白话佛法内容后给大家的提问测试。这不但测试了我对文章内容的理解,也帮助加深记忆! 非常感恩此次英语共修的机会,让我法喜的结束了2019年。 真诚的希望更多佛友可以参加来临的2020年白话佛法英语共修,让我们一起共沐佛光!

Please click here to download the Summary Slides shared during the Group Study:

  20191229 The Meaning of Life from a Dharma Perspective 

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