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Buddhism in Plain Terms | Breaking Free from Karmic Obstacles | 1 Dec 2019

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Time : Sunday 4.15pm-5.45pm (fortnightly)
Venue : Singapore Oriental Radio Practice Centre
Topic of Discussion : The objective of Buddhist Practice and cultivation: Breaking free from karmic obstacles

On 1 December 2019 @ 415pm Guan Yin Citta, Singapore held yet another Buddhism in Plain Term (BIPT) Group Study (in English), initiating a process of understanding Master Jun Hong Lu’s wisdom on Buddhist teachings.

This week’s topic on ‘Breaking free from karmic obstacles’ enlightened the participants on the importance of eliminating these karmic hindrances. The discussion delved deep into the respective stages of karmic debts where participants felt gratified for the opportunity to practise Guan Yun Citta to repay these debts in advance. This session also got the participants to deliberate on the concept ‘Meritorious blessings is THE token for one’s entry to heaven.” At this juncture, they were inspired, by the sharing on the importance of elevating one’s state-of-mind as one of the other prerequisites.

Comment from an attendee:
“Having the BIPT to be read out in both English and Mandarin helps to deepen my understanding of the text. The use of reverse engineering to prepare answers to questions that the participants might have beforehand allows us to comprehend the text more effectively.  I especially enjoyed the translated cross references, as those have helped me to bridge the connection between BIPT and apply it back to my daily life. I enjoyed attending this group study as it was engaging, interactive, well prepared and it helps me to reflect on how to apply Buddhism in my daily life.”

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Please click here to download the Summary Slides shared during the Group Study:

 20191201 Break free from Karmic Obstacles


< Buddhism in Plain Terms < 白话佛法共修分享