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Distributing rations to the disadvantaged

26/02/2020 | 社区活动 Community Activities    
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Time: 3.6.2017
Venue: One room rental flats in Redhill

Singapore is a peaceful society with a government that is very concerned about residents who live below the poverty line. Hence, they encourage the people of Singapore to work to create a more friendly and inclusive society. In accordance to this, the volunteers from Guan Yin Citta, Singapore strive to give back to society through application of Buddhist principles and helping sentient beings with compassion. In order to uphold this idea of showing care and concern to sentient beings, the practice centre collaborated with Redhill Community Centre to distribute rice and other rations to the needy residents of one-room rental flats in Redhill. This aims to allow them to feel the warmth and care that Buddhism brings to sentient beings, touching their hearts. At the same time, the residents were very willing to open up about their sufferings and needs. Deepest gratitude to the selflessly devoted volunteers! Such instances of love will be definitely be passed on, becoming a force in the construction of a more inclusive society!

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