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Father’s day celebration

26/02/2020 | 社区活动 Community Activities    
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Time: 10.6.2017
Venue: Queenstown Lengkok Bahru Zone RC

Being a father means taking on responsibilities, duties and being a source of support in family. A father may not be the best at expressing his feelings, but is the person that his children depend on the most. Indeed, a father’s love is as great as a mountain! On this special day that celebrates fathers, we hope that everyone will be able to show some care to their fathers at home. Even small gestures like offering a flower, a greeting or a seemingly insignificant gift will touch his heart, serve as gratification and be a source of happiness.

Guan Yin Citta, Singapore wishes to achieve this by bringing fresh flowers and warmth into the lives of fathers who have always been contributing behind the scenes without expecting anything in return. Volunteers also organised complimentary floral arrangement classes, haircuts and delicious refreshments to allow fathers to happily enjoy their special day. Deepest gratitude to Queenstown Community Centre for hosting the event and to all fathers who give so readily to their families.

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