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Mother’s Day Floral Arrangement Activity

26/02/2020 | 社区活动 Community Activities    
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Time: 6.5.2017
Venue: Queenstown Lengkok Bahru Zone RC

The most endearing word in this world is “Mother”.  A mother is someone who cares for her family and makes great sacrifices for her children. The greatness of maternal love is perpetuated through generations. Soon, it will be Mother’s Day again.  On this special occasion, Guan Yin Citta hopes to bring warmth and fresh flowers to each and every one of our dedicated mothers. Hence, volunteers from the practice group offered complimentary floral arrangement classes, haircuts and sumptuous snacks for the residents of Redhill. This has allowed the mothers to happily enjoy their special day. Our heartfelt thanks to Queenstown Leng Kee Community Club for hosting the event. Deepest gratitude to everyone — it is because of you that this world is filled with love.

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