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26/05/2020 | Words of Wisdom    
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Master Jun Hong Lu’s

Public Talk

Penang, Malaysia

15 April 2017


Master Jun Hong Lu: A little monk asked a senior monk, “Master, what did you do before you attained enlightenment?”

The senior monk said, “I chopped wood, fetched water and cooked.”

The little monk continued to ask, “what about after attaining enlightenment?”

The old monk replied, “Chop woods, fetch water and cook.”

The little monk asked, “Then how come you attained enlightenment?”

The old monk replied, “Before I attained enlightenment, I was thinking about fetching water while chopping wood, and worrying about cooking while fetching water.  After I attained enlightenment, I concentrated on chopping, lifting water and cooking.  This is called moving forward with meditative concentration!”

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