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26/05/2020 | Words of Wisdom    
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Master Jun Hong Lu’s

Public Talk

Jakarta, Indonesia

23 April 2017



Master Jun Hong Lu: One who often cares about others will be blessed.  Nowadays, many people only think about themselves and act selfishly. Ultimately, they are the people who will be hurt. 


There was a very stingy couple. They even taught their young son to be selfish and stingy.  After the son grew up and got married, he treated the couple badly using the way the couple taught him. His wife even joined in to bully them.  He knew his parents too well and went all the way to annoy them and acted extremely selfish towards them.  Finally, the couple fell ill.


It was only after learning Buddhism do we realise that selfishness will not yield compassion, and sowing evil seeds will never grow good fruits. 


Kindness is always putting others before yourselves. 

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