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Got a Job and Regained Health Through Earnest Practice of Guan Yin Citta

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Master Lu saved my spiritual life and rescued me from sufferings

Deepest gratitude to the Greatly Merciful and Greatly Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva for allowing me, Mui Chien Yee to be here at the Practice Centre today to share a true story on my journey of Buddhism practice and recitation of Buddhist scriptures based on the teachings of Master Lu.

Since 2015, my husband and I had been making attempts to call in to Master Lu’s Totem hotline.  We are fortunate enough to have succeeded for a total of eight times.  We are very grateful to Master Lu for his compassion, for seeing that we have foreign spirits on our body, giving us his blessings and highlighting the problem in us.

Since 2014, my career has not been smooth sailing and I was jobless.  I felt very depressed and my health also took a toll.  In addition, I suffered from a lot of pain and discomfort every time during menstruation.

In April 2015, through the totem enquiry, Master Lu could see that I often behave like a lunatic.  I was happy one minute and sad the next.  He pointed out that I have had abortions before, which explained my gynecological issues.  He suggested that I recite 68 Little House and I was told that my percentage of karmic obstacles was 29%.

Through performing daily recitation and Little House, gradually my stomach condition improved, however not entirely as I would still suffer from occasional pain.  Through the Totem call made in September 2015, Master Lu was very accurate when he said that I suffer from stomachaches and gynecological issues.

He pointed out that I have consumed a lot of live creatures in my wedding banquet.  Hence, I would have to pay for the consequences – there was a fox-like foreign spirit on me and I was advised to recite 39 Little Houses.

On top of that there was also a foreign spirit of a child whom I had failed to help to ascend to a higher spiritual realm.  He was squatting on my back which had caused the persistent itchiness of my skin.  I needed to recite seven Little House for this.  My percentage of karmic obstacles had reached 38%.  I was told when the aborted child leaves it will be reduced to 30%.

Master Lu could tell that I had not been putting in my best effort in chanting.  My slacking, thus was the cause for my failure to find a job.  He also warned me that if I did not buck-up, he would stop me from calling through the totem hotline.

I hereby repent as during the early stage of encountering Guan Yin Citta, I wasn’t diligent in my Buddhism practice due to my depression and my lacking of courage and faith in Buddhism.

Master Lu’s criticism had inspired me to tune my mental attitude to overcome the negative energy in me.  On a daily basis, I would perform daily recitation, make vows to recite Little House for my karmic creditors and miscarried children.

It was only when I started learning Master Lu’s book, Buddhism in Plain Terms, that I began to understand that karmic obstacles were like black energy that erodes our body, hinders circulation, creating pressure to the nerves, affects us emotionally, and hinders one’s career.

I was unemployed for a year then, and I was hoping that Bodhisattva would bless me with a job.  A Buddhist friend told me that one’s vow to be a vegetarian could bring about better results.  At first, I hesitated as I was afraid that I might not be able to live up to the vow.  When all was said and done, I made the vow to Guan Yin Bodhisattva, that is, to be a full vegetarian for life in November 2015.

I finally got a job in January 2016.  In fact, I was hired on the spot.  I was shocked to find out that the interviewer was my ex-colleague.  I trust that it was the compassion of Guanyin Bodhisattva that had granted me this job.

In the Totem call made on October 2016, Master Lu saw that I had spirits of two children on my body.  This had caused me to suffer from hair loss and insomnia.  I needed to recite 36 and 49 Little Houses for them respectively.  Master Lu pointed out that I had a lot of yin energy and my chanting was weak.  The nature of my voice was yin and I would tend to attract foreign spirits.  He further explained that a voice that is yang in nature will be loud and sounds like a large bell.

When I completed the number of Little Houses as per my vow, my condition gradually improved.  However, I would still suffer from occasional stomachaches especially during the time of menstruation.

I was jobless once again in May 2018.  In December 2018, I managed to call in to Master Lu’s totem hotline.  I was told that there were two foreign spirits of children on me.  It had been some time and they had caused me to feel depressed.  I needed to recite 58 Little Houses.  Master Lu was kind enough to highlight to me that while at work previously, I used to stare at others with a lot of anger in my eyes and that had cost me my job.

Once again I wish to repent as it seemed that I had been going around in circles with my problems.  I have to admit that although I have faith in Buddhism, Master Lu and the power of chanting at that time, I do not understand what was the true meaning of learning Buddhism.  I did not put in effort to learn the teachings in the book Buddhism in Plain Terms.

I was just using the Dharma and recitation of Little House as tools to eliminate negative karma and help any possible foreign spirits on me to ascend to higher spiritual realms.  I didn’t try to improve my line of thoughts and I failed to repent sincerely for the wrongs that I have committed.

I only wanted to pray for worldly blessings.  I didn’t put in enough effort due to my lack of determination, nor did I attempt to change myself.  I was focused on getting by in life – at times, I was happy, other times I was sad.  I was haunted by endless worries.

Once again, I thank Master Lu for pointing out to me my shortcomings and telling me that no matter what I do, I would have to give it my best.  It is only through endurance and perseverance that I will succeed and as one will not gather anything in life if they are drifters.

As advised by Master Lu, I made a vow to recite 58 Little Houses in batches.  From then on, no matter what happened, I persisted in performing daily recitation and Little House and to make time to read the Buddhism in Plain Terms as I felt that this has helped me to gain more wisdom.

I understand that practicing Buddhism is not about getting by in life, neither is it merely about elimination of karmic obstacles.  The human realm is a mere ground for our spiritual practice.  Therefore, we should not regard it as our ultimate destination, and only pray for a better life.

In addition to performing recitation, I also joined other Buddhist friends in group studies, to be volunteers and in perform kind and virtuous deeds.  I made a vow to Bodhisattva that when I succeed in helping my aborted children to ascend to a higher spiritual realm, I would tell my story to everyone so that they would have faith after listening to my experience.  Hopefully, that would save them from many pitfalls.

With each elevation in our state-of-mind, our ignorance will be reduced correspondingly.  Our every effort will translate into gains.  In January 2019, I finally found a job.  In April that year, I managed to call in to Master Lu’s totem hotline and I was told that the foreign spirits of the children had successfully ascend to a higher realm.

I wish to tell everyone, I am standing here today in good health, both body and mind and I can sleep very well too.

Should my sharing today is improper in any way, I seek the forgiveness of Guan Yin Bodhisattva, all Dharma Protectors and Master Lu.

Thank you everyone.

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