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How Practising Buddhism Shaped The Educational Journey Of A 9 Year Old Boy

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Gan En Guan Shi Yin Pusa, Gan En Lu yeye (Grandpa Lu), Gan En Everybody

Hello my name is Gavin, This year I am nine years old in primary 3. 

I would like to share to everyone about my improvement in SA2 exam results. I think practicing Buddhism helped me improve my results in general especially my language.

In 2017, my mum came across this Youtube page with lots of totem reading videos.  I watched some of these videos with my mum.  In these videos I realised that there are spirits in this world, and they could possess people if we owe them.  Then I went to the 2017 Public Talk with my mum.

I witnessed people get possessed by spirits and Lu yeye helped these people by communicating with the spirits, this further enhanced my belief that we need chant sutras to protect ourselves from such karma.  I find the Public Talk was very interesting, I was able to sit down for a few hours without running around like other kids.

After the Public Talk, I told my mum: I want to learn how to chant.  So, my mum taught me how to chant Da Bei Zhou and Xin Jing.

In Primary 2, my study results dropped in SA1 exam, especially my math. My teacher also warned me that my results had dropped too much and I must study hard to improve.

I was very worried as I could not understand what my teacher was teaching during the class, even if I exert effort to listen carefully.  Initially I did not feel that chanting helped my study until I increased my daily recitation to 21 times of Da Bei Zhou and Xin Jing. With that, I realized I could make sense of what my teacher was teaching during class.

My mum also told me there is one sutra called, Zhun Ti Shen Zhou which could improve my performance during exams and she advised me to chant the Zhun Ti Shen Zhou for self-cultivation purpose (Zi Xiu Jing Wen). Initially I found it was very tiring to chant so many times of the sutra and wanted to have some time to go downstairs to play with my friends.

However, my mum asked me: “Do you want to improve your results? If yes, you must continue chanting.” So I chanted more and only went down to play after I finished my chanting.  Before the SA2 exams, I managed to chant 7 pieces of Zi Xiu Jing Wen, Zhun Ti Shen Zhou

Before I went for exams, I prayed to Guan Yin Pusa: “Please let my results be better and let me do well in the exams.” During the exam I really felt that it was easier than I expected.

To my surprise, when my teacher gave out the results, I did really well. 

My Chinese improved from 71 to 85. 

My English improved from 65 to 85 and

my math improved from 51 to 82. 

My classmate was shocked that I did so well.

I was very glad when my teacher came up to me and said: “Good job!”  I even received the Good Progress Award at the end of the semester, and I was invited to be on stage to receive the award.  My teacher kept reminding me to look up when I am on stage. That was a happy moment.

I seriously think chanting sutras has helped me in my studies.  In Primary 2, all my classmates went for 3 to 5 tuitions after school, I was the only one that did not go for any tuition at all, yet my results improved.

Now I have increased my daily recitation to

49 times of Da Bei Zhou,

49 times of Xin Jing,

49 times of Xiao Zai Ji Xiang Shen Zhou,

49 times of Zhun Ti Shen Zhou and

29 times of Wang Sheng Zhou.

When my dad give me money, I also saved it to perform life liberation (fang sheng).  Every month my mum bring me to Malaysia to Fang Sheng.  In addition, every month I will donate 10 dollars to print scripture booklets.

Before I practice chanting I was naughty and always talked back when my mum scolded me, now I have changed a little bit, but a bit only. I will try to change more.

I had dreamed of Guanyin Pusa twice.  In my dream I was in my school parade square, Guan Yin Pusa appeared shining in a white dress. She poured water on my body and asked me to continue chanting.  I woke up feeling very warm and sweaty.

There was another time, I dreamed of Lu Ye Ye (Grandpa Lu), Lu Ye Ye was scolding a boy bullying an animal. He asked my mum, my sister and me to come in and put his hand on my head, I felt warm in my dream.  Lu Ye Ye said I was too talkative. 

Lu Ye Ye also asked my sister to chant more Da Bei Zhou and Xin Jing and ask her not to lie. However, when Lu Ye Ye wanted to tell something about my mum, my sister woke me up to ask me where was the TV remote control.

In the past, I would talk often during lessons, because I could not understand what my teacher was saying and I found the lesson to be very boring. After I chanted, I start to be more focused during lessons and talked less to my classmates too.

Previously, I also had nose block every day. I breathed very hard whenever I lie down in bed. I had to make a snorting noise to clear my nose and stack 3 pillows on top of each other to sleep.  My mum told me this is because I have little spirits in my nose, and asked me to chant Wang Sheng Jing Tu Shen Zhou which I did.

My mum also helped me burn 7 Little Houses. Now my block nose has very much eased and I only need to sleep on 1 pillow.

In 2018, I went to Singapore Public Talk again. My mum dreamed of me taking a shower after the Public Talk. She said I had eliminated some negative karma.

That’s all from me today and thanks for listening. I will always believe in Guanyin Pusa.  If I had said anything wrong, please forgive me.

Gan en Guan Yin Pusa,

Gan en everybody




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