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English Sharing Session – 15 Sep 2019

25/02/2020 | English Sharing Session    
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Time : Sunday 2.00pm-3.30pm (fortnightly)
Venue : Singapore Oriental Radio Practice Centre

1. Video clip on Master Lu’s Dharma Session: Story of a monk and his master’s orchids
2. Learning Buddhism In Plain Terms – Foundation to boost the 3 Golden Practice
3. Testimonial sharing: “How practising Guan Yin Citta helped to solve various problems in my family”
4. The life of Celestial Beings in Heaven
5. How to transcend the Six Realms of Samsara in one lifetime
6. Totem Enquiry: Child is controlled by a turtle’s spirit due to family’s deeds of killing
7. Questions and Answers


On 15 September 2019, Guan Yin Citta (Singapore) held yet another fortnightly English Sharing Session at the practice centre featuring many inspiring and enriching items on the lineup.

Firstly, a segment gave a rundown on one of the foundations for spiritual cultivation in Guan Yin Citta — Buddhism in Plain Terms. As one of the pillar stones in our Buddhism practice, studying Buddhism in Plain Terms enables us to gain wisdom and thus should underpin our journey of spiritual cultivation. From this sharing, audience members were reminded that cultivation is not complete without the aid of Buddhist teachings.

Another sharing was on the life of celestial beings in heaven and how to transcend the six realms of samsara in one lifetime. Amongst other methods, audience members learnt that making the vows to live a pure life and to transcend the six realms of samsara in one lifetime is vital for making it in spiritual cultivation. This continuation from the previous sharing session inspired audience members to always remember their end goal in cultivation — it is not just about resolving problems in our daily life, more importantly, one should strive to return to Bodhisattva in heaven by transcending the six realms of samsara.

Finally, a Buddhist friend shared about how practising Guan Yin Citta helped to solve various problems in her family. The sharing about Bodhisattva’s compassion and Guan Yin Citta’s efficacy wowed many in the audience, inspiring all to continue their diligence and persistence towards spiritual practice.

If you wish to understand more about Master Lu’s latest discourses, learn to apply Buddhist teachings into our everyday lives, imbibe yourself with more positive energy and blessings from Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, we welcome you! Join us in the next English Sharing Session to embark on a wondrous expedition of wisdom and positivity!


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