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English Sharing Session – 5 May 2019

24/02/2020 | English Sharing Session    
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Time : Sunday 2.00pm-3.30pm (fortnightly)
Venue : Singapore Oriental Radio Practice Centre

1.  Video clip on Master Lu’s Dharma conventions worldwide: Free from suffering to attain enlightenment
2. Video clip on Master Lu’s discourse: The Three Acts of Giving (Dana)
3. The Giving of Dharma and Wealth (Dharma Dana and it’s benefits)
4. Benefits of attending/convincing others to attend Dharma Conventions
5. Testimonial sharing: “How practising Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door helped to cure my Lymphatic Cancer”
6. The right attitudes in attending the Dharma  Conventions
7. True stories – how life improved after attending Dharma Conventions
8. Totem Enquiry – Occupied spirit of 40 years manifested itself and pleas for mercy
9. Questions and Answers


On 5 May 2019, Guan Yin Citta (Singapore) held yet another fortnightly English Sharing Session at the practice centre featuring many enriching items.
The theme of this sharing was about the upcoming Dharma Convention on 11 May 2019 and why you should not miss it. Through this session, the audience gained a deeper understanding of Dharma Dana and Wealth Dana. A member of the audience happily concurred, saying that “I’ll definitely apply what I’ve learnt about giving generously!”

The sharing also touched on how attending Dharma Conventions and encouraging others to do the same will allow us to cultivate spiritually, accrue meritorious blessings and eliminate karmic debts.

Another highlight of the session enlightened the audience about the right attitude that volunteers and participants should adopt during Dharma Conventions.

Upon interview, volunteers in the audience said that their biggest takeaway from the session was about the importance of having a pure mind and being free from distracting thoughts while reciting and performing their duties wholeheartedly. Hence, this illustrates how the sharing value-adds to the experience of attendees and volunteers during the Dharma Convention.

Join us in the next English Sharing Session to embark on a wondrous expedition of wisdom and positivity!

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