Journey to Heaven

Journey to Heaven and the Underworld: The Hell of Great Cauldron of Boiling Oil



On 7 October 2018, it was like any other ordinary day. After I paid respect to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and recited sutras in the Guan Yin Citta Centre, a whirl of mist appeared and encircled the room. Not long after, my consciousness entered into a deep slumber, and through the haziness, I arrived at the top of a hell.

The Hell of Great Cauldron of Boiling Oil: For those who commit acts of extreme evil and atrocities, they will be punished in other hells before being sent to this Hell and thrown into the cauldron. Their souls will be thus dispersed without a trace.

There were approximately 7 to 8 rows of enormous cauldrons with boiling oil. In each row were dozens of evenly distributed black cauldrons. Each one can accommodate several souls. There was a label hanging at the side of the cauldron that had different country names written on it. These cauldrons were used to contain souls from these countries. Anybody who commits acts of extreme evil and atrocities when they are alive will be transferred here after they have served their time in other hells. Their souls will be thrown into these boiling cauldrons and fried until they are completely dispersed. The cauldrons were gigantic, the enforcement officers there were also a lot larger and more powerful than the ones in the Unintermittent Hell. One of the enforcement officers said to me, “I am the enforcement officer of this Hell. In the past, there were not so many cauldrons in this Hell, and they were a lot smaller. With the development and progress of human society, the rate that people create negative karma has also risen significantly.”

“People in the past didn’t dare commit evil deeds. But in modern times, for the sake of pursuing more wealth, fame and power, people would do whatever it takes, even if it means stealing, unethically making profits, hurting others and so forth. Therefore, the number of cauldrons increases. When we receive notice of all the offences that a soul has committed, the soul will be dropped into the frying oil and it will be completely dispersed. From then onwards, this soul will completely disappear and no longer exist.”

“Nowadays, many people only look good on the surface. They may be rich, powerful and reputable, but behind the scenes, they have committed a lot of evil deeds. Most of these people had cultivated to a very high level in their previous lives, but when they returned to the Human Realm, they became deluded and defiled and began to commit many atrocious acts. The Underworld is currently making a list of all the offences these people have committed in the Human Realm. When their worldly blessings are completely depleted and their lives come to an end, enforcement officers will be dispatched to drag their souls to the court of the Underworld for trial. Then they will be sent to different hells for punishments before being sent here and thrown into the cauldrons. In the Human Realm, even if you’re rich, famous and powerful, so what? You can’t take any of it with you when you die, only karma follows you. It is so pitiful and sad.”

An enforcement officer escorted a male offender. The officer read from a scroll: “Offender [Name] of [Name of the country], as a person in a position of leadership, you engaged in acts of corruption and the abuse of the law. You also hired someone to murder anybody who threatened your political ambition and framed those who were upright and just. You committed a countless number of deeds of sexual misconduct and even abused your power to threaten and coerce women. Although in the Human Realm nobody knew about it, the Heavens and the Underworld cannot tolerate it. Upon your death, you will serve your time in other hills before being sent here and thrown into the oil cauldron.”

After the officer finished reading, he threw the offender into the cauldron and the offender sank to the bottom, accompanied by deep-frying sounds. The whole body and bones instantly vanished, leaving only a black slag-like residue floating inside the cauldron. A trail of black smoke emerged from the bottom of the cauldron, alighting on the residue. The enforcement officer took a sieve to remove the black residue from the oil and poured it to the drains in front of the cauldron.

Another offender underwent the same process. From a scroll, the enforcement officer read out, “Offender [Name] of [Name of the country], your influence in your country couldn’t be underestimated. Despite your high social status, you colluded with other unscrupulous businesspeople, oppressed ordinary people, embezzled a huge amount of national funds, and was involved in several deaths. Although in the Human Realm nobody knew about what you have done, after death, you will be transferred to other Great Hells to receive punishment before being sent here and thrown into the oil cauldron.”

Another case: “Offender [Name] of [Name of country], you helped both gangsters and people from the public sector to conduct money laundering, colluded with both government officials and businessmen, engaged in the country’s arms deals, provided prostitutes to upper echelons and profited from it, and you committed sexual misconduct. After death, you will be transferred to other Great Hells to receive punishment before being sent here and thrown into the oil cauldron.”

“Offender [Name] of [Name of the country], a gangster, involved in smuggling and drug trafficking, was an influential figure in the gang. You killed people and was also involved in the sex industry, causing numerous women to become depraved. Moreover, you colluded with high ranking government officials and assisted them in committing crimes. Like the others, after death, you will be transferred to other Great Hells to receive punishment before being sent here and thrown into the oil cauldron.”

After it was over, my consciousness began to return, and I was back in the Human Realm.

May I ask Master to verify this account of what happened.

Master Jun Hong Lu’s reply:

They are all real. When the black residue created after the souls have been deep fried in the cauldron is thrown away into the drains, it is carried to the Human Realm’s cesspit, and is gradually reborn into different small insects and bugs. From then onwards, they have lost their spirits and they don’t know who they were. Their spirits no longer exist. I’ve said it before, that’s why you should never ever commit these unwholesome deeds. You can’t deceive the Bodhisattvas, gods or spirits. Those who commit evil will surely undergo retribution. It’s very pitiful.