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Q&A 68. Things to be aware of after performing recitations

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Q: Dear Master Lu, after our recitations, is there anything that we should we be aware of? Are there any rituals we should follow?


  • After recitations, no rituals are required. Simply join your palms together and bow. Say the following softly or quietly, “My deep gratitude to the Greatly Merciful and Greatly Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva for protecting and blessing me, <your full name>.” This is a way of training our behaviour. It expresses our gratitude to the Greatly Merciful and Greatly Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva.
  • It is best not to drink cold water, stand or sit against a wall, or start a conversation with someone immediately (within the first 5 to 10 minutes) after you pray to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas or perform recitations.
  • After we pray or perform recitations, a type of wholesome energy enters our body and offsets the existent unwholesome energy. This will heal our body, and help remove blockages in the pathways through which energy circulates. However, if we drink cold water right away, Yin energy will enter our body.
  • People who like to have ice cold drinks are actually connecting themselves with Yin energy. When we wake up in the morning, it is a brand new day and everything starts afresh.  It is the best time of the day, and if you have an ice cold drink, it is very likely that you will experience misfortune for the rest of the day, not to mention the effect on your blood’s ability to clot. Generally speaking, it is fine if the drink is at room temperature and it does not feel too cold when you drink it.
  • Walls also belong to Yin energy. The term “High Walls” often refers to prisons. In the past, prisoners were executed while standing against the wall. Therefore, after we pray or perform recitations, it is best not to stand or sit against a wall so as not to disrupt our positive energy field.
  • After performing recitations, it is best not to start a conversation with someone immediately, as most of your positive energy from performing recitations would be lost. This is because speaking nonsense can cause the positive energy to disperse, rather than be concentrated in one place. Therefore, it is best to be at peace with yourself for a little while, and then gradually start conversations with people after a period of time.
  • It is very important to be mindful of your speech and refrain from speaking inappropriately, including swearing, arguing, and fighting. Engaging in such activities for merely 5 to 10 minutes will deplete the positive energy accumulated through one or two hours of recitation.
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