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69 Pieces of Little House Can Help Dispel Great Calamities

25/03/2020 | About the Little House    
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Highlights of Master Lu’s Radio Program:

69 Pieces of Little House Can Help Dispel Great Calamities

During the (Metaphysics Q&A) program dated 16 Mar 2014, Master Lu said that if someone encounters great calamities and does not know how many pieces of Little House to complete, he should start with 69 pieces first, as 69 pieces serve as a point to balance.  Master Lu used lessening the impact of ocean waves as a striking metaphor. If you encounter some trouble in your day-to-day activities, you can recite 21 pieces of Little House. If it’s a serious matter, you would have to recite 49 pieces. If the problem develops into a calamity, you can respond with 69 pieces. Eventually, to fully dispel calamities you would still need to recite Little Houses batch by batch.

Caller: A Buddhist friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and she had surgery to completely remove it. In her case, at least how many pieces of Little House does she have to recite?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Has she recited any Little Houses before surgery?

Caller: Yes.

Master Jun Hong Lu: She should continue to recite. It will prevent cancer from growing on the other side.  In her case, she should start with 69 pieces of Little House. I would also like to use this occasion to explain this point further:  If you encounter a problem and think it is serious but do not know how many pieces of Little House you should recite, it is best to recite 69 pieces. 69 is a point of balance, because this number looks the same whether viewed normally or upside down.  Therefore, recite 69 pieces if you are unsure.

Caller: Alright. What’s the difference between 69 pieces and 49 pieces? I was under the impression that it had been 49. Is it that when things get worse we will have to recite 69 pieces?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Exactly! 49 is the number of a batch, it can be used to deal with a pretty serious problem.  Let me use an example and you will understand better.  Imagine that you are at the seaside, if a small wave comes then you can tackle it with 21 pieces of Little House.  To deal with a big wave, as a metaphor for a big problem, then you need 49 pieces. 69 pieces can be used to deal with a tumbling, huge wave.

Caller: Ok, Thanks Master.

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