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Wenda20151227A 38:36
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: During one of your public speeches, Master mentioned that our personality will inhabit within us even after we become Bodhisattva one day. However, while in the human realm, Bodhisattva continues to lead the life of Buddhahood, sow virtuous seeds and introduce Dharma extensively to sentient beings with pre-destined affinity. Thus, may I ask Master Lu, is the personality of Bodhisattvas mainly extrovert? What are the personality traits of a child that Bodhisattvas like?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Bodhisattvas adore children who are compassionate, tolerant and magnanimous towards others, as well as those who keep troubles at bay. Personality of Bodhisattvas is more incline towards an introvert. Understand? Every Bodhisattva is unalike. In fact, Bodhisattvas wanted us to be ingenious in our approach, so that we could introduce Dharma to people from all walks of life. For example, if you are an introvert, you are likely to draw introverts towards you. But if there are extroverts who approach you, you could proceed to introduce the Dharma to them. Where introduction of Dharma is concerned, uniformity in personality traits is not necessary. In fact, if everyone is extroverts, it may be difficult for others to bear. Am I right?

Caller: Yes. However, I feel that it will be more challenging for an introvert to yield extensive virtuous affinity or to introduce Dharma to others.

Master Jun Hong Lu: It is absolutely possible. For introverts, they could make use of writing skills as an avenue to communicate, am I right? They could help to write articles or pen down their testimonies or reflections to share with others, thereby introducing Dharma to the readers.

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