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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Apart from recitations to eliminate negative karmic debts as well as facing the natural negative karmic emergence, will our Dharma protectors make arrangements to help clear some of our smaller negative karmic debts in advance?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes, your Dharma protectors will do that. For example, you were rude to your parents but they did not take it to heart. Since this is a very small negative karma, this issue is considered over and cleared.

Caller: Has this small negative karma been eliminated?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes, it has been eliminated. Do you know why? If your parents were angry with you and took it to heart; this will retain in their eighth consciousness and will create a negative karmic affinity with you. Then your Dharma protector will arrange for this negative karmic debt to emerge. How will this negative karmic debt surface? A little while later, you may be scolded or beaten by your mother just like during our younger days.

Caller: Regarding the destined negative karma, if a person suddenly cut himself and bleed, do we consider such an event has naturally eliminated the negative karma?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Of course. Bloodshed, be it little or profuse, is considered as serious eruption of karmic obstacles. What would be the general reaction? If you speak harshly towards your mother and she takes the opportunity to reprimand you sternly, like scolding you brainless, your negative karma would be considered as eliminated.

Caller: Understand now, Master Lu.

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