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20150127 2:10PM

(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Repentance from a fellow Buddhist practitioner:

At dawn, right after I offered the first incense, I felt dizzy and confused – my head was spinning. I then went to take a nap. As I was lying sideway, I felt a male spirit pinning me down from behind. I was in agony. I kept crying out to Bodhisattva and Master Lu for help.  My head was still throbbing as I couldn’t move at all. While keeping crying to Guan Yin Bodhisattva for help, I tried to negotiate with the spirit by offering him 21 to 800 Little Houses, hoping that he could let me go. But nothing happened.  Just when I felt helpless, a thought crossed my mind: “It doesn’t matter how many Little Houses you promise to offer me, because the quality (of your Little Houses) is really bad.”

I was shocked yet I was able to move again. This experience gave me a chance to reflect on my spiritual practice recently: I frequently checked the social media apps on my mobile phone when reciting sutras and mantras. Even I could tell how poor the quality of my recitations must have been.  But I just couldn’t discipline myself and kept making the same mistake.  What happened to me was a serious warning from Bodhisattva, Dharma Protectors and the Karmic Creditors altogether: I should correct my behavior and my attitude, be self-disciplined, and practice Buddhism more diligently so that I could truly improve myself.

I was naive to think that I could deceive everyone, even the beings in heaven and earth. But in the end, I only fooled myself. I vowed to recite 27 times of the Eighty-eight Buddhas Great Repentance (LIFO) to repent of my wrongdoings. I didn’t put my whole heart into the practice; I sincerely ask Bodhisattvas for forgiving me. From now on, I will discipline myself and overcome my own problems. I pledge to practice Buddhism and perform recitations diligently, becoming a better Buddhist practitioner so that I could help other people.

I hope that everyone can learn from my mistake. We must recite sutras and mantras mindfully and diligently, and never check mobile phones or browse the Internet at the same time. Be aware of the serious consequences!

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