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Master Jun Hong Lu’s 

World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting (Q&A Session)

Malacca, Malaysia

August 19, 2016




Q:  When one insists on fishing despite the discouragement from relatives and friends, we will instead persuade him not to eat the fishes caught, but to set them free.  We try to convince the person that fishing is a form of sport, not for the consumption purpose.  As most people would accept this reasoning, those who manage to convince others would earn merits, and those who continue fishing would incur less negative karma.  Master Lu, please advise if this approach is correct?


A:  According to what you have said, I could catch it for fun and then release it?  Fine, let me have some fun by piercing a hole on your mouth, and thereafter send you to the hospital to get it stitched!  Think about this, when you catch a fish, the fishing hook would have torn its mouth.  How could you be happy even if you release it subsequently?  How could you derive happiness from others’ misery?  It is wrong to do so.  There are many other forms of sports such as walking, why does it have to be fishing?  If I beat you, it’s also a form of exercise for my hands!  What kind of argument is this?

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