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07/06/2020 | Words of Wisdom    
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Master Jun Hong Lu’s 

World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting

Jakarta, Indonesia

10 March 2018


Master Jun Hong Lu: 

“Please remember this:

A generous person shall receive more karmic rewards;

A grateful person shall find a smooth sailing life;

A helpful person shall receive more help when in need;

A whiny person shall have more worries;

A content person shall find more happiness;

An evasive person shall face more failures;

A generous person shall make more friends;

A moody person shall suffer from more sickness;

A shrewd person shall live an impoverished life;

A charitable person shall enjoy wealth and honour;

A person who seek material pleasure shall suffer more; 

An inquisitive person shall gain more wisdom; 

and last but not least, 

A diligent Buddhist cultivator shall find abundant blessings. 

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