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11/05/2020 | Words of Wisdom    
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Buddhism in Plain Terms Vol. 1 (sharing with disciples on the topic of supernatural power)


Let me share with you today on “Ways to change your habitual outburst of bad temper”.  The best method, of course, is to recite Buddhist sutras and mantras. The other method is to habitually think of the following phrases right before you are about to lose your temper. 

“I can’t lose my temper as it is bad for my heart”
“I will make myself a laughing stock if I can’t control my temper”
“Losing my temper will deplete my virtues”, etc.

When you often think along the same lines, you will be able to form a habit. When the next outburst is about to occur, such a habit will become a natural shield which prevents the outburst from happening. In reality, all of you possess this natural shield but not everyone puts it into use.

For example, a husband often throws his tantrums at home but his wife has already formed this “shield”. No matter how bad the outburst is, she remains unperturbed. She would think “What a poor man! He is suffering from another psychotic outbreak…” This phrase is her very own natural shield.

It is about being expressionless. There is no expression of sentiment or emotion. There is no form. In fact, everything is empty. There is no feeling that such substance exists.  

You need to find a few convincing reasons or phrases that could liberate you from anger or other negative emotions. When you feel an outburst is about to happen, thinking about these phrases will help you control your temper and actions.  

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