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28/06/2021 | Words of Wisdom    
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Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Buddhism In Plain Terms
Volume 6 Chapter 32
(An Excerpt)


Master Jun Hong Lu: On this path of spiritual cultivation, Bodhisattvas tell us over and over that we need to have faith, resolution and action.

Many Buddhist practitioners are very determined, but they have no action, they can’t bring themselves to do what is required. There are others who are willing to act, in fact, they go out to help others daily, but they lack wisdom and resolve. Hence, they too, cannot attain Buddhahood. There are also many that are resolute and action oriented, but their faith is not strong enough.

That explains, why every year, there are so many people who take up faith, but also equally as many who lose it altogether.

Why are there many who leave home to lead a monastic life, while there are also many who resume the secular life?

Bodhisattva teaches us about having “faith, resolution and action”. Our resolution comes from our faith. If you do not believe, you will lack determination.

On the same note, if your faith is not strong, your resolution is fake, and all your deeds are fake too.

Only when you truly believe, will you be able to bring forth the resolution which is of great brightness, that is both powerful and vibrant.

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