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21/05/2020 | Words of Wisdom

Master Jun Hong Lu’s 

Public Talk

Macau, China

26 February 2017


Master Jun Hong Lu: Many people realise their potential in a hard way.  Human ability is like a diamond, hidden deep underneath the ground waiting to be uncovered.  That is why many people can only unleash their potential under difficult situations. Thus, you may never be able to discover your true self if you remain in your comfort zone and the diamond that lies within your heart may lose its luster.  You need to give yourself a push to achieve a breakthrough.  DO NOT keep telling yourself that you can’t make it or it is impossible for you to achieve.  By doing so, you will regain confidence and create miracles.

I’d like to tell you: The direction of tree growth is determined by the wind, whereas, the direction of personal growth is determined by our mind!  Thus, be a good person and practise Buddhism diligently.  Have faith in ourselves.  Many people are putting pressure and worries upon themselves. If you do not allow yourself to worry, no one is able to make you worry!

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