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University Early Admission Offer 2020

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Deepest gratitude to the Greatly Merciful and Greatly Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva.

Deepest gratitude to all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Dharma Protectors.

Deepest gratitude to Master Jun Hong Lu.

Deepest gratitude to all.

I seek your forgiveness if my sharing is improper in any way.

I am filled with gratitude for the blessings we have received for my child in her studies. Like most parents, I had been guiding my child in her homework since primary school. When she was in Secondary 3, I decided to stop helping her with her studies as I wanted to foster her self-reliance while focussing on my own recitations. I would also perform recitations for her during her mid-year and year-end exams. Meanwhile, I had also been encouraging her to start performing recitations where she finally did towards the end of Secondary 3. In fact, her secondary school results were below average. Nonetheless, with Bodhisattva’s blessings, she managed to pass each of the yearly promotional exams despite the pressure. Even for the subjects that she struggled with, she also managed to scrape through with one or two extra marks after adding in the project marks. So in the end, unlike what happened to her friends with similar results, she did not have to retake exams or be retained.

When she started junior college (JC), she got mostly the lowest grades (i.e. U and S grades) during her first year exams. I was extremely worried as she would not be able to qualify for admission to NUS or NTU with such results. During one of the Guan Yin Citta sharing sessions in early 2019, a Buddhist practitioner shared on how he helped his child to advance in studies – by reciting 7 times Heart Sutra and 27 times Cundi Dharani every day, as well as performing life liberation for his child. I followed this method and vowed to Bodhisattva that, whatever the outcome, I trust and believe that this will be the best outcome for my child. During school holidays, I would also bring her along to perform life liberation.

For the JC 2 mid-year exams, she finally managed to improve beyond the fail grades of U and S and finally, at prelims, she even managed to get the most improved scores in Maths. It was very encouraging for her, as all along she had been studying hard but still could not pass the exams.


During the A-level exam period, she would discuss her exam answers with her schoolmate on their way home after each paper. Most of the time, she was not hopeful about her results as some of her answers were unfinished and not detailed enough. So, I told her to stay focused for the next papers, and continue with recitations and just trust that there will be a path for her. In January this year, when I was hospitalised due to dengue, I told her about my vowed number of recitations for her. She offered to take over the recitation so that I could rest more, and even recited additional Great Compassion Mantra for me to pray for my speedier recovery.

Surprisingly, before the release of the A-level results, she was one of the few that was being offered early admission to the local universities, and ultimately secured an offer for admission to NTU. Prior to that, we had not even heard of ‘early admission’ – where the student is being offered a place in a specific course regardless of his A-level results. This lifted a weight off us as I was initially doubtful that she could enter the local universities with her results.


Her final A-level results were better than that of her prelims and she performed above her expectations despite her poor showing at A-level. With her final A-level scores, she also managed to secure a place in NUS. I hope that she will continue to walk this path in life guided by Bodhisattva, whichever course or university she chooses.  I am also grateful that she is a happy child despite her difficult journey in studies. I further hope that my sharing will motivate students, especially those who are not doing well in studies despite their efforts, to persevere and trust that Bodhisattva’s arrangements are the best path, and to put aside our own greed in perceiving what is best for us.

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