Journey to Heaven

Journey to Heaven and the Underworld: The Hell of Icy Coldness, the Hell of Blood Pool and the Hell associated with defaming Buddhism


In recent days, I received some mental images.

The Master’s Dharma Body, seated on a lotus flower, appeared out of thin air in the Guan Yin Citta Centre. Many other Bodhisattvas also appeared. There was a spirit of the deceased who was standing beside Guan Di Bodhisattva.

The Hell of Icy Coldness:

A large display appeared that showed some scenes from this Hell. This Hell is different from the one I went to that was burning hot. There was a narrow path flanked by two snowy mountains. That was just one scene of the Hell of Icy Coldness. The place was enormous. The air was freezing; when the frigid wind blew, your skin would hurt and go numb with cold, just like when you put your hand on ice, it’s that kind of chilling pain.

The narrow path was filled with people; there were men and women who were naked and were shivering profusely. They didn’t even wear shoes, so it was freezing cold. They were made to continually walk on the freezing snow around this Hell, and the snowy mountains were huge. At the peak of the snowy mountain, the enforcement officers would keep throwing snowballs from the top, letting the snowballs roll down the mountain, which gave out the sound of a crashing avalanche. The offenders below were in a state of panic and fear, running around frantically and colliding with each other. Their screams echoed throughout the Hell.

Men and women who do not honour their marriage and commit infidelity will be punished here.

The Hell of Blood Pool and the Hell associated with defaming Buddhism:

The display then showed a hell that contains one gigantic red blood pool. The blood in the pool is coagulated; it smells metallic, rotten and pungent. There were also men and women soaking inside the pool who were constantly wailing.

Inside the pool, there were some strange creatures. I had no idea whether they were ferocious beasts or snakes gliding through the pool, but as they moved through the pool, the men and women would constantly scream in anguish. Severed arms and legs also constantly floated on the pool’s surface. If an offender got close to the shore, they would be driven away by the patrolling enforcement officers who would not let them come up. All the offenders showed visible signs of great distress.

Then another scene from hell showed on the screen. There were many torturing tools and there were large burning flames beside them. All the torturing tools were burning red hot. The enforcement officers used them to chop and slice the offenders. Crying and wailing resonated in the air that reeked of blood. It was horrifying.

Men and women who are indulged in sexual activities and commit serious deeds of sexual misconduct, women who perform abortions, and those who defame Buddhism, disrespect the Buddha, as well as those who are ungrateful to people who have helped and taught them will be punished here.

Yours sincerely.