Journey to Heaven

Journey to Heaven and the Underworld: The hell associated with abusive speech, sexual misconduct, and killing


On the morning of 17 August 2018, I received a thought message from Guan Yin Bodhisattva and Dharma-protecting Bodhisattvas that, due to the bad habits of people nowadays in the human realm and their failure to understand the law of cause and effect in Buddhism, there are many sinners and slanderers. As a result, Bodhisattvas frequently conveyed scenes from hells to me, in the hope that I can tell the disciples and practitioners of Guan Yin Citta that,  “You must have firm faith in your Master, and refrain from reading those defamatory articles or remarks. All disciples should stay united, care for each other and promote Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door. Don’t let those unfounded statements waver your faith and your aspiration to practise Buddhism to attain the Way.”

“In this Age of Dharma Decline, there are many people who are still indulging themselves in all kinds of worldly pleasures such as eating, drinking and having fun. As disciples, you should be diligent in your spiritual cultivation, listen to your Master’s radio program and read the Buddhism in Plain Terms. Especially the latter, as it will help you to get enlightened and overcome many troubles and demonic obstacles. Your Master has really been through a lot, so you should take your Master’s advice. For those who truly study and practise Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door, regardless if they are lay practitioners or disciples, Bodhisattvas regard them as Buddhist disciples.”

The Scenes of hell 1 (Those who defame Buddhism and use abusive speech will fall into this hell):

This hell was also filled with many souls. The sky above the cave was pitch dark. However, things appeared entirely different below. A red hot river flew through this hell, but what was flowing in the river was not water but boiling hot molten lava. The crying could be heard from all around—it was a bit similar to the scene in the Unintermittent Hell. There was no way for the evil souls to escape from this hell, unless they could jump into the molten river and swim their way out. However, there were officers guarding outside the hell.

First, let’s take a look at the punishment for these souls. A female soul, whose body was black in colour, had just been transferred from the Unintermittent Hell to receive her punishment here. The Dharma-protecting Bodhisattvas told me that she had doubts about Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door under the influence of others, and started to bad-mouth and slander the practice, discouraging others from following this practice and claiming that Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door was not true Buddhist teachings. As her deed was pardonable, the time she spent in the Unintermittent Hell was brief. However, she was still required to undergo the punishment in this hell associated with abusive speech.

There was a table on the side with various torture instruments (saws, hammers, pointed-hammers, spears, and other tools that I couldn’t even name) lying on its top. The enforcement officer looked up the sky and asked a few questions. Roughly, he was asking what kind of offence she committed, how long the punishment should be, and whether it was going to be a light or severe punishment This enforcement officer looked different from those in the Unintermittent Hell. He was fierce-looking and had a bigger build; the size of two or three people combined together. He has the look of a black African man, with a big head.

The enforcement officer picked up a hammer and dozens of nails at random,and then grabbed the female soul and placed her on a counter top. A rope appeared out of nowhere and strapped the soul. The officer then hammered the nail onto the soul’s mouth, one nail after another. She cried out in pain, her tears were indistinguishable from her blood. The sight was unbearable. Suddenly the thoughts of the soul transmitted into my mind, “It is so painful! Guan Yin Bodhisattva, I know I was wrong! Dharma-protective Bodhisattvas, please forgive me and let me out of hell! How long do I still have to be tortured? I was influenced by others. Woohoo! Woo … ” (the soul was crying). This scene brought out a stream of tears from the Bodhisattva.

The scenes of hell 2 (Those who commit deeds of sexual misconduct, killing, or abusive speech will descend into this hell):

This hell is kind of like the hell of burning flames. The sky is burning red, but it’s not as hot as expected. The number of souls were countless. Some of them laid on the ground howling while waiting for those souls on the pillars to finish their punishment before it was their turn. The Bodhisattvas said that nowadays not many people of the Human Realm believe and abide by the Buddhist precepts and they create a lot of negative karma. The enforcement officers of the hell realm are very busy and need to punish many offenders every day.

Let’s begin by talking about this hell. There were many pillars planted in the ground. I roughly estimated that there were approximately 400-500 pillars. Below the ground of this hell was hot molten lava, that’s why the surface soil on the ground felt hot when you tread on it.

The surface of the pillars had many holes that contained a large and sharp spike in each one.  The enforcement officers forcefully tied each soul to the pillar with a rope. Beside each pillar was a handwheel. When the officer turned the handwheel, the pillar would spin, and the spikes inside the pillar would protrude out of the holes and pierce into the flesh of the soul until their entire body was impaled. The soul shrieked in immense pain but unable to escape. Their innards and blood slowly oozed out of their wounds. When I saw this, it became unbearable for me to watch; it reminded me of all the bloody scenes that I saw in the butcher’s market.

The officer let the soul cry. When the punishment time was up, the officer freed the soul and threw him to the ground, as though they were chicken or ducks. It would then be another soul’s turn to receive their punishment. A soul would receive this punishment once a day until they have served their time, after which they would be released and sent for rebirth.

People who have committed countless deeds of killings and sexual misconduct will descend into this hell. Here, the deeds of killing include abortion (because it is considered as murder, especially when the embryo has formed into a foetus and has already been in the womb for 2-3 months) and the killing of animals. People who commit harsh speech and defamation also descend into this hell.

On 19 August 2018, I received a few thought messages about hell.

Guan Yin Bodhisattva appeared above the altar, together with Guan Di  Bodhisattva and Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. Heavenly generals and soldiers stood guard in the sky above the Guan Yin Citta Centre which was glittering with golden light.

Knowing that I was reluctant to travel to the Underworld, Guan Yin Bodhisattva said to me compassionately, “I know you are frightened, but too many people in the Human Realm are doing evil. I wish you could share your experience to alert practitioners of Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door, cautioning them to heed your Master’s advice to strictly observe the precepts so that they would not  descend into the three deplorable Lower Realms of Existence.”

“I’ll let Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva lead you on this trip to hell, so you need not be afraid. ” (As the scenes in hell are too horrifying, I have specifically made it known to Guan Yin Bodhisattva that I do not wish to see the gruesome scenes again.)

Soon after, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva opened the passage to hell and in no time we were there. First, he led me to the hell where beings who amass wealth through dishonest means and defame Buddhism are punished.

“There exist in the Human Realm too many bogus monastics and lay practitioners, as well as people who blatantly disregard the law of karma and amass wealth illicitly in the name of Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door and Buddhism, and also those ruthless  Buddhists who accumulate wealth in the name of Buddhism and commit karma of speech. It is hoped that they repent to your Master as soon as possible, or else these gruesome scenes of hell would await them in future.”

The hell associated with “shedding the Buddha’s blood” by illicitly amassing wealth and defaming Buddhism

This hell, the size of seven to eight soccer fields, was located in a very big cave and the whole place is very dark. There were approximately over 1,000 large hot pots scattered sporadically all over the place. Many offenders were crying and I could hear the sound “Doo Doo Doo”.

It was only after a while that I understood what was going on. There was something moving in a pot closest to me. An enforcement officer (the size of two to three people, with green hair, tusks and holding a blunt knife in his hand) violently pressed an offender against a stone table. The officer then lifted the knife in his hand and cut off the hands and feet of the offender, before throwing them into a boiling pot nearby. The offender was in so much pain that his eyes were bulging, and the offender was conscious the whole time.

(The offenders I saw in the Unintermittent Hell would be in so much pain that they’d be knocked unconscious and then woken by the immense pain from the molten lava inside their body. They would then again lose their conscious, until the molten lava inside their body has cooled. However, the enforcement officer would then pour another round of molten lava into the offender’s body. The offenders will not be let out until they finish their sentences.)

All the offenders in this Hell are conscious, it is just that they’re in so much pain that they are unable to speak and their eyes bulging. Hell is truly scary.

The enforcement officer went back to get a sharp equipment to cut open the chest of the offender, before extracting their heart and cutting open their stomach. The officer then pulled out the intestines, placed them on an iron plate to cook with fire before feeding it to a hellhound nearby. The black and ferocious-looking hellhound very quickly gobbled up the heart, lungs and intestines of the offender.

At this time, the offender was in so much pain that he bit off his own tongue. His eyes were bulging, and his hands and feet were removed, it was dreadful. All of this happened while they were still conscious.

Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva said, “Those who are cruel and heartless, betray and disrespect their teachers and the teachings, and those who destroy Buddhism will descend into this hell.”

Not long after, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva opened up another passage and led me to the great hell associated with sexual misconduct.

The Hell of Pillars (embracing copper pillars): Those who commit sexual misconduct and sexual indulgence will be punished here.

In this hell, the air was hot and stuffy. There were many black copper pillars planted on the ground; there should be more than 7000 of them. The air also has a foul stench of burnt flesh, and there was constant screaming that could be heard from afar.

A male offender was led by two enforcement officers towards the direction of the pillars. It was strange; in this hell, the offenders didn’t show any signs of resistance. Their visage showed signs of being in a dream-like state, so I was curious. The Bodhisattva clicked and revealed the soul’s alaya-vijnana (the eighth consciousness) to me, and I realised that soul perceived the two incredibly ugly and fierce-looking enforcement officers as two beautiful naked women. It was a delusion stemmed from the soul’s lustful consciousness. Furthermore, the copper pillars looked like beds to him. When I witnessed this, I was dumbfounded because the enforcement officers looked extremely hideous.

The male soul gladly followed the enforcement officers and was ready to embrace the copper pillar. I could now see that the black copper pillar was actually a copper pillar that was heated to an extremely hot temperature until it blackened. When the soul finally embraced the pillar, he cried in extreme agony and pain. His skin was burnt to a crisp in an instant and became stuck to the pillar. His red blood mixed in with his roasted flesh, and I could hear crackling sounds that reminded me of the images of barbeques in the Human Realm. But this was a living and breathing person’s soul who was being barbequed. The sight was completely horrendous!

Afterwards, the Bodhisattva took me to observe another hell.

The Great Hell of Iron Bed: People who commit sexual misconduct and sexual indulgence, who lead a promiscuous life, or perform abortions will be punished here.

In this hell were contained many iron beds, over 5000. There were many differently designed iron beds like modern-looking beds, traditional-looking beds, and some that were inspired by European and American designs. Every man and woman was completely naked and laid on the bed to receive their punishment. The souls were of different races and colour, and there was an ID attached to each bed.

An enforcement officer led me to an iron bed with a male soul lying upon it. The officer said, “This soul had promiscuous relationship with over ten women in the Human Realm. Thus, he was transferred to this Hell after finishing his punishment in the Hell of Excrement. After he has served the sentence here, he will be reborn as an animal.”

The officer led me to another iron bed. A female soul was bearing the agonising pain on the iron bed. Her hair was in a mess. From her facial features, I could deduce that she was beautiful, unlike the previous male offender who was recently transferred from the Hell of Excrement and was black all over with many bite wounds from the worms. I have previously shared my observation in the Hell of Excrement, the pool of excrement emitted a putrid smell and there were many unknown worms in the pool that bite the souls.

Whenever the mind of a soul creates a lustful thought, it triggered the flame underneath the iron bed to burn it red hot, so that the sharp spikes on the surface of the bed also became red hot. The soul was then left to lay on the bed to suffer. When the lustful thought disappeared from their mind, the flame would extinguish.

When their punishment time is over, the souls will be released from hell and wait to be reincarnated. This female offender will be reborn into a human born in an impoverished country upon release. That’s because her deeds of sexual misconduct were relatively light; it was an extramarital affair with only one other man.

People who have large sexual appetites, who live a promiscuous life and casually have affairs in the Human Realm will be reborn as animals.

At this point, the Bodhisattva asked the enforcement officer to lead me to an elevator. The officer pressed the number ‘1’, and the lift ascended. When the lift door opened, I was pushed out by the officer. My consciousness then gradually returned to me from my deep slumber.

Master Jun Hong Lu’s reply:

Lust and sexual misconduct are an animal-like behaviour conducted by humans. Those who commit deeds of sexual misconduct will be reborn as animals in the end. This kind of description was recorded very early on in the history of mankind. Many books and religions talked about it. Different religions have their own spiritual psychics who went down, and after their observation, returned to describe how it was. Why is it the same? That’s because hell is the same. Why must we cultivate our mind properly? Why there are people who crave indulge themselves and commit deeds of sexual misconduct like animals? All of it is true, when you’re having a nightmare and can’t wake up from it, doesn’t the experience seem real? When you’re in the hell realm as an offender, the experience of being punished will feel the same. When somebody slashes you with a blade in your dream, doesn’t the sensation feel real? The pain makes you scream and then you wake up.

People who commit any sexual misconduct, even having just one extramarital affair, will suffer such a punishment. How many affairs have you had so far?

People in the past were honest and faithful to their spouse throughout their lives. How many have you had so far? There is karma already. Why should you cultivate your mind properly? When you have sincerely made a great vow, all the negative karma sowed in the past will gradually be eliminated. This is why I am so worried about you. Do you want to descend and become an offender? It’s so filthy. Which animal wears clothes? Do you wear clothes when you’re behaving like animals? People who have committed sexual misconduct with more than three people must properly repent. You must repent for the wrongdoings you have done in the past, otherwise, prepare to descend! That includes people who have made defamatory remarks. When we’re learning Buddhism, we must strictly observe the precepts and adhere to the disciplinary rules, then constantly cultivate one’s mind, recite the sutras and remain diligent. When you do all of this, you could truly eliminate all the negative karma that you created in the past. Otherwise, in which life do you think you will be able to eliminate all of it?