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Guan Yin Citta Singapore Practice Centre celebrated mid-autumn festival with the residents of Queenstown

26/02/2020 | 社区活动 Community Activities    
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Time: 1.10.2017
Venue: Queenstown Lengkok Bahru Zone RC

A heart-warming mid-autumn festival – a joyful night adorned with flowers and the full moon. On this very meaningful day, Guan Yin Citta Singapore Practice Centre had put together a night filled with fun and culinary delicacies for the residents of Queenstown. Besides admiring the full moon that night, the attendees were eagerly playing games, guessing riddles written on lanterns and competing with one another to determine the most learned one in the knowledge of traditional Chinese culture. The attendees gasped in surprise when one of the participant managed to solve over 100 riddles, making him the subject of admiration and the scene was filled with laughter and harmonious vibes. Interestingly, many of them took part in the game as a family, fostering the spirit of family bonds and allowing the joy of a family reunion to be savoured. Greatest thanks to Queenstown Community Centre for making this event possible.

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