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Q&A 9. Suffering from headaches when performing recitations

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Q: Master Lu, I have started to recite the Little Houses for the two babies that I aborted. I just finished the first Little House and I have been suffering from headaches for two days. What is going on? What should I do? Please kindly advise.


  • Generally, if you suffer from headaches when you perform recitations, this is a signal from spirits that you should speed up your progress in reciting Little Houses.
  • It may be your deceased children or other karmic creditors who are giving you these signals. You must be persistent with your recitation of Little Houses.
  • Now that you know how to recite Little Houses, it is normal for your karmic creditors to come and ask you to repay your karmic debts.
  • Some people might say, “I might as well stop reciting, so I will not have to suffer from headaches.” This is not true. It is better to use Little Houses to repay your karmic debts now than repay your karmic debts in other forms later, such as suffering from illnesses, experiencing misfortune, being involved in car accidents, etc.
  • For the recitation of Little Houses to be effective in helping spirits ascend to a higher spiritual realm, you must perform your daily recitation as a foundation. In particular, you should diligently recite the Great Compassion Mantra to increase your spiritual power, so that you will become better at reciting Little Houses.
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