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Q&A 85. Having tumours in the facial region

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Q: My classmate’s son has a tumour in his nose. Which sutra or mantra should he recite? What else should he do?


  • Having a facial tumour is a very severe type of karmic retribution.
  • Our body parts can be divided according to their Yin and Yang. The parts that we cover up with clothes are considered to be Yin, and the parts that can be exposed are considered to be Yang. The parts that can be either covered up or exposed are partially Yin and partially Yang.
  • The face belongs to the Yang part. If you have a tumour that grows in the part of the body that is Yang where others can see it at first glance, it is considered an immediate karmic retribution. In ancient times, prisoners were given tattoos on their faces to show everyone that they had committed crimes. This is a major form of karmic retribution.
  • Therefore, if you have a facial tumour, and you realise that it is your karmic retribution, then you should believe in Buddhism and perform recitations. You should recite the Eighty-Eight Buddhas Great Repentance along with Little Houses very diligently. Meanwhile, you should also perform life liberations and make vows.
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