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Q&A 66. Performing recitations while driving

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Q: Dear Master Lu, can I perform recitations while driving? I am a taxi driver and I have no time to perform recitations, can I recite while working?


  • There are advantages and disadvantages associated with reciting while driving.
  • Reciting while you are driving is not recommended as you may encounter trouble and attract foreign spirits. If we recite while driving at night, we may run over beings that we cannot see with our naked eyes.
  • If you recite while driving, you may lose your concentration easily.
  • When you drive, the tyres are pressed against the ground and are connected to the energy of the underworld. Therefore, the best effects occur when you recite on an airplane (after take-off).
  • The advantage of reciting while driving is that the wind blows as your car moves, and the messages from your recitations are thus transmitted at a higher speed. This in turn generates a good energy field.
  • When you drive a taxi, you will encounter many people in a small space; hence, it is not a suitable environment for performing recitations.
  • If you have no other options and must work long hours as a taxi driver, and the only chance for you to recite is during work, then it is fine for you to do so.
  • During the daytime, you can recite the Heart Sutra and the Amitabha Pure Land Rebirth Mantra while driving. However, avoid doing so at night.
  • Night time is when spirits are most active, and the surrounding energy field is not desirable. Mind-wandering while driving tends to attract foreign spirits to occupy your body. Hence, it’s best to just recite the Great Compassion Mantra.
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