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Q&A 44. Wife repaying husband’s karmic debts

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Q: Dear Master Lu, you previously mentioned that “the son repays his father’s karmic debts and the wife repays her husband’s karmic debts”. If my ex-husband behaves indecently, am I still responsible for his karmic debts even though we are now divorced?


  • Husband and wife would not have become a couple had it not been for their predestined affinities. The wife is liable for her husband’s karmic debts, even if these karmic debts are due to his involvement in an extra-marital relationship with another woman.
  • If you are divorced, ensure that you make a clean break. Your ex-husband’s karmic debts will no longer affect you only after a period of complete separation, usually three years.
  • Within the first three years after divorce, you will still be affected by the karma your ex-husband has created. This is because the separation between the two parties is not only due to the law of cause and effect, but is also caused by negative karma created by both parties together. Therefore, both parties must bear the burden of their collective karma.
  • If you recite sutras and mantras diligently, you will be able to repay karmic debts, eliminate your karmic obstacles, and completely resolve your karmic conflicts with your ex-husband.  In doing so, you will no longer owe him anything and will not have to bear the burden of his karmic obstacles.
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