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Q&A 24. Performing recitations vis-a-vis the law of cause and effect

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Q: Master Lu, is it true that the law of cause and effect cannot be changed?
Can we change the resulting outcome or retribution by reciting sutras and mantras? Also, is getting to know Master Lu also a part of the law of cause and effect?


  • Can we change the law of cause and effect? 70% of our fate is predestined, and the remaining 30% is subject to change. Then why is that some people find the readings of fortune tellers very accurate? It is because they cannot influence the 70% which is fixed, by changing the 30% of their fate that is not. Hence, their lives can only follow the path formed by the 70%.
  • So, are we able to change the predestined 70% of our fate? We cannot change it through our own efforts alone. It is just like a child who sees a 7kg object but only has the strength to lift 3kg. How can he lift that 7kg object? We need to rely on the blessings and power of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to change this.
  • You are the only person who can change your own karma—no one else can change it for you. Just like your own temperament—you are the only person who can bring about change.
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