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Q&A 160. Memory loss

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Q: Dear Master Lu, one of our fellow Buddhist practitioners has many family members suffering from memory loss. Could you please advise why this happens and what sutras or mantras he should recite in this situation?


  • Memory loss or amnesia, from the philosophical perspective of the spirit world, is due to the soul or spirit of a person being incomplete or separated from the physical body. This happens when one is entangled in certain situations, such as being sued, or having a lawsuit brought against you. They will be in a constant state of anxiety, and thus distracted and fail to remember anything. This is how one’s soul is not fully present.
  • Many people’s brains have limited capacity, and their brain cells deteriorate too quickly, which slowly results in memory loss. Moreover, they usually throw a tantrum a few days before they experience memory loss. As soon as they lose their temper, their mental capacity and memory will be completely diminished, and they will experience a mental blank, followed by memory loss. This is very common.
  • For temporary memory loss:
    • First, one must take preventative measures such as getting sufficient sleep, because sleep is important for brain cell regeneration.
    • Avoid sudden shocks to the nervous system, as this may cause blood clots, bleeding in the brain, strokes etc.  Just like a rubber band. You can stretch it slowly, but if you pull it abruptly, it will snap. Hence, one needs to learn to reason and respond to all kinds of situations in an orderly manner.
    • Finally, taking soy lecithin supplements will help to strengthen brain cells.
      One can also take “Danshen Pian” (salvia miltiorrhiza) tablets. Temporary memory loss or hallucinations are very dangerous; they indicate poor blood circulation and damaged blood vessels. Taking Danshen Pian tablets can improve blood circulation and prevent blood clots, reducing the risk of stroke or sudden memory loss.
    • Most importantly, one must diligently perform recitations, and cultivate one’s mind. Persist with daily recitations: The Great Compassion Mantra 17 times per day, the Heart Sutra 49 times per day, and the Eighty-Eight Buddhas Great Repentance 3 to 5 times per day. These are the core mantras and sutras. Further recitations can include:
      • The Ru Yi Bao Lun Wang Tuo Luo Ni 49 times per day. This is beneficial for the cardiovascular and the cerebral circulatory systems.
      • The Da Ji Xiang Tian Nü Zhou 49 times per day. When reciting this mantra, one will receive auspicious light scattered by the goddesses in heaven. In fact, the light is also from Bodhisattvas.
      • The Amitabha Pure Land Rebirth Mantra 49 times per day.  This is very important. The adverse impact of small spirits such as those of fish and prawns, whose death one’s actions caused, must not be underestimated.  If there are many of these minor spirits around one’s brain, this can cause loss of many brain cells.
      • Recite 3 or more Little Houses for one’s karmic creditor each week.
      • Perform life liberations and make vows.
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