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Q&A 155. What to do if one has too much Yin energy?

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Q: Master Lu, I often have nightmares and I feel cold all the time. Does that mean I have too much Yin energy? What should I do?


  • Those who have too much Yin energy should complete more recitations of the Great Compassion Mantra to enhance their energy and spiritual power.
  • You should also recite Little Houses diligently. A person tends to have a lot of Yin energy if foreign spirits are chronically occupying this person’s body.
  • It helps to increase your sun exposure, especially allowing the sun to shine on your back.
  • Ensure that you have the lights switched on in your house to make it bright at night. You can also play the recording of the Great Compassion Mantra when you are at home.
  • Avoid visiting places with a lot of Yin energy, such as hospitals, cemeteries, and so forth.
  • You should also minimise contact with people who have a lot of Yin energy(e.g. those with a very feminine and sentimental character). It is best to be with people who are positive and have lots of Yang energy.
  • It is also best not to wear a dress or skirt as it may cause your energy to dissipate.
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