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Q&A 144. Things to be aware of when planning a wedding

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Q: Master Lu, I am about to get married. What should we be aware of?


  • It is best to have the wedding on a date that is an even number according to both the lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar.
  • You should be mindful of your speech before the wedding, and when you are in the bridal room or the newlywed room/house. As a Buddhist practitioner, your speech and actions should be polite and controlled.
  • The bridal room or the newlywed room/house should not be disorganised. It should be clean and tidy. It is also necessary to maintain a lively atmosphere.
  • You can recite 7 Little Houses and address them to the “Karmic Creditor of the house of <full name of the occupant>”.
  • In your new home, you can place landscape paintings of water and mountains, as they will create a positive energy field.
  • You can place your enlarged wedding photographs in your living room for a week or longer, but do not display it for more than a month.
  • In the bedroom, avoid placing photographs of both of you together. Nevertheless, you can have individual photographs of each person.
  • It is best to have a vegetarian wedding banquet. If this is not possible, you should try your best to avoid serving freshly killed animals. However, if this is unavoidable, then you need to complete more recitations of the Amitabha Pure Land Rebirth Mantra. It would be best that you also recite the Eighty-Eight Buddhas Great Repentance after the banquet.
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