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Q&A 135. Purchasing a new car

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Q: Dear Master Lu, what should we be aware of when we purchase a new car?


  • It is best to avoid selecting silver for the colour of your car, as silver is the colour of the underworld and tends to attract foreign spirits. The probability for accidents is higher for silver cars.
  • Red is also not recommended. Sometimes, without the protection and blessings of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, red cars may bring you trouble and obstacles. This is similar to the fact that red lights represent alarms and warnings.
  • For Buddhist practitioners, the choice of colour is for reference only. Most importantly, you should perform recitations diligently.
  • After you have purchased a car, it is a good idea to play the Great Compassion Mantra at a low volume inside your car.
  • You can also place a small image of the Buddha or Bodhisattva that has been blessed by Master Lu inside the car. However, you should fix it into position instead of letting them dangle in the car. Place the image facing inwards in the car so that the driver and passengers can see the image of the Buddha or Bodhisattva.
  • It is not recommended to hang any bells in the car, as the sound of bells can easily attract foreign spirits.
  • If there are foreign spirits occupying the car, you can recite 4 Little Houses and address them to the “Karmic Creditor of the car of <full name of the driver>”.
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