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Q&A 13. Asking others to perform recitations for you

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Q: Dear Master Lu, I was fortunate enough to have you perform a Totem Reading for me. You told me that I have a lot of karmic obstacles. I am aware that I am reaching older age and should repay my karmic debts as fast as possible. Can I invite a friend, a classmate, or a lay practitioner to help me by performing recitations? And if they recite Little Houses for me, would that be effective?


  • Asking someone to perform recitations for you is a very important issue. If the person you ask for help is kind and well-cultivated, then you will experience positive effects.
  • However, if the person you ask for help is unreliable and dishonest, then not only will it be ineffective, this person is also likely to reduce your merits and virtues or even take them away from you.
  • For example, if a shop owner asks a greedy person to be her accountant, in the end, the accountant will become very rich and the shop owner will have no money left.
  • Therefore, you should not ask any unfamiliar person to recite sutras or mantras for you. If necessary, find someone who is in good health. You must also have full knowledge of this person’s background. This person must also have sufficient spiritual power, merits and virtues, and a kind heart. He or she must be pure and clean (that is, have few karmic obstacles). It is best if you can ask someone who is also practising Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door to help you.
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