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Q&A 157. Order to recite scriptures contained in a Little House

06/05/2020 | About the Little House    
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Q: Dear Master Lu, there are four types of sutras and mantras included in the Little House. Do they need to be recited in any particular order?


  • The Little House consists of four kinds of Buddhist scriptures. The order in which you recite them does not matter.
  • According to the latest teachings of Guan Yin Bodhisattva, it is recommended that you divide the recitations of the Great Compassion Mantra into smaller sets (27 times in total). You can start with reciting the Great Compassion Mantra 7 times (or more), then recite another sutra or mantra. Each time before you recite a different sutra or mantra, you can recite the Great Compassion Mantra another 3 times. At the end, you can complete the remaining recitations of the Great Compassion Mantra.
  • The following order can be used as an example:
    • The Great Compassion Mantra 9 times;
    • The Great Compassion Mantra 3 times, followed by the Heart Sutra 49 times;
    • The Great Compassion Mantra 3 times, followed by Amitabha Pure Land Rebirth Mantra 84 times;
    • The Great Compassion Mantra 3 times, followed by the Qi Fo Mie Zui Zhen Yan 87 times;
    • The Great Compassion Mantra 9 times.
  • This method of performing recitations can enhance the power of the Little Houses. As each Little House is effectively enveloped by the power of the Great Compassion Mantra, it will be better protected and blessed with more power.
  • The above example is a guide only, and it is not the only method. Some people recite multiple Little Houses at the same time, while others may take several sessions before they can complete one Little House. You can adjust your method according to your own situation.
  • The general idea is that it is best to begin and end the recitation of each Little House with the Great Compassion Mantra. When reciting a different sutra or mantra, you should start with the Great Compassion Mantra. The recitation of the Great Compassion Mantra here can be from the part of the Little House, or from the part of your daily recitation (that is, on top of your promised number of recitations for the Great Compassion Mantra every day).
  • It is fine if you are unable to follow the above method of reciting Little Houses due to time constraints or other reasons. What matters most is the sincerity and effort that you put into reciting Little Houses.
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