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Factors That Affect The Quality Of The Little Houses

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Dharma Talk by Master Jun Hong Lu (Question 18)

11 January 2015


Q: Master Lu, you used to instruct us that each aborted child required 21 pieces of Little Houses. However, these days you often advise that 49 pieces are needed. May I know why there’s such a change?

A: The quality of Little Houses is deteriorating. 21 pieces would no longer be enough to help the spirit go to a higher spiritual realm, which is why I advised some people to recite 49 pieces after I performed Totem readings for them. Some could achieve the same result with 21 pieces. However, as soon as I’m connected to the energy field of some practitioners, I’m certain that 21 pieces will not be sufficient.

Recitations done hastily and the lack of sincerity in repenting are the main factors that impact the quality of Little Houses. However, the exact number of pieces required will still vary case by case.

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