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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Greetings to you Master! I would like to ask on behalf of someone born in 1970, the year of the dog. He would like to know about his career prospects and his health.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Firstly, let me tell you that he has poor career prospects.

Caller: Yes. He has not been able to secure a job for the whole year.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Right. I can see that he could not find a job. You must tell him not to watch the pornographies online anymore.

Caller: Okay, I will tell him.

Master Jun Hong Lu: You have to let him know that he will not be able to secure a job if he continues to watch pornographies. I have a Buddhist friend in Singapore, a young lady who also could not find a job for almost 2 years. Then she asked me for help and I told her, “Do not watch anything erotic. She should recite the Eight-eight Buddhas Great Repentance Sutra 108 times”. After she finished reciting the Eight-eight Great Repentance Sutra 108 times and gave up watching erotic stuff, she found a job immediately.

Caller: Okay. Within how much time frame should he finish reciting the 108 times Eight-eight Buddhas Great Repentance Sutra? Must he complete them all in one day or within a week?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Can you finish reciting it all in one day? Take your time to recite, seven times a day. If you are repenting for this matter in particular, you may recite a bit more, but not more than 9 times a day so as not to activate your karmic obstacles. Remember this: He won’t find a job if he has impure thoughts.

Caller: Alright. Master Lu, other than his luck, when will he or where will he find his suitable job or……

Master Jun Hong Lu: Tell him to do his recitations. Once he repents, he will find a job. Without repentance, he will not find a job. He will be referred to a job by someone else.

Caller: Oh, I will let him know that someone will refer him to a job. How soon will that be Master Lu?

Master Jun Hong Lu: I don’t know. All will depend on the quality of his recitations. It will continue to drag on if his recitations are not up to mark.

Caller: Alright. I will relay to him. Where is his totem Master Lu? He is born in 1970, the year of the dog.

Master Jun Hong Lu: On the cliff top and not so good, that is why his luck and health are not good as well. He has no chance to put his talent to good use. That is to say that he does not know how to cherish himself, and his brain will be swarmed with the impure thoughts when he watched those pornographic stuff; he will absolutely be down on his luck. His negative and dark energy is very strong, resulting in him being unable to find a job.

Caller: I understand. I will certainly tell him to recite 108 times Eighty-eight Buddhas Great Repentance Sutra. How many Little Houses will he need to recite?

Master Jun Hong Lu: 67 Little Houses.

Caller: Make a vow of reciting 67 Little Houses?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes. Do the recitations properly and the Eighty-eight Buddhas Great Repentance Sutra. Do not forget.

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