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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)




Caller: How can young dharma followers cultivate a steady composure?


Master Jun Hong Lu: How can Buddhist practitioners cultivate a steady composure?  It is through observing the precepts.  What is the Buddhist study of ‘Precepts, Concentration and Wisdom’ about?  How is ‘Concentration’ in this study derived?  It is derived through observing the precepts.  A person who fails to observe the precepts will not be able to settle down and calm his mind.  Observing the precepts means going through numerous sufferings where we practise restraint and speak no evil, hear no evil and do no evil.  Once we understand this rationale, when we are asked to perform a task, we make sure that we do our best.  Through that, we gradually move towards the observation of the precepts.  We improve on our composure, when we refrain from doing what we shouldn’t.  As a result, these life’s struggles we experienced have made us knowledgeable and composed.  Do you understand?


Caller: Thank you Master.  In that case, may we specially make a vow to Bodhisattva to recite the Heart Sutra to target the issue of cultivating a steady composure?


Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes, you may do so.  In fact, when you are strict in observing the precepts, composure comes naturally.  On the other hand, when your spiritual cultivation is subpar, achieving composure will be out of the question.  Hence, people who do things in a sure and steady manner unmistakably possess many years of experience and they developed a personality where they either get very serious in their endeavours or would otherwise rather not do it at all.


Caller: Yes, Master Lu.

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