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How to Overcome Stress Associated With Cultivation

29/03/2020 | About Spiritual Cultivation    
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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller:  A friend of mine in my neighbourhood used to be a fellow practitioner but had given up in the end.  According to her, though she had benefited a lot from the practice, she felt that doing daily recitation and Little Houses had taken up too much of her time. On top of that, she still had to take care of her children.  As such, she felt very stressed out.  I asked her if she had experienced positive changes in her life brought about by the practice and she was quite certain she did. What advice shall I offer her?

Master Jun Hong Lu:  It’s very simple.  Do the monks get stressed out by performing recitations day in and day out?  No pain, no gain. A person who refuses to study hard will end up learning nothing and working in low-skilled jobs.  Without diligent cultivation, how are you going to succeed? How can she possibly change her life if she thinks that doing a little chanting gives rise to pressure? It would be too late when she starts regretting on her deathbed one day, praying to the Bodhisattva that she would recite scriptures. There’s nothing I can say about your friend. It can be attributed to lack of conditions, her laziness and weakness.

Caller:  Understood.

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