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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)




Caller: Two days ago, I came across a paragraph which spoke to me, and so I posted it to our practice centre’s online group chat.  Let me read it to you.  It states, ‘Being disciples, we must be respectful to our master, and never defy anything he says.  Even if our master says the sun rises in the west, we have to accept and believe this assertion without any doubt in our minds.’


Earlier groups of disciples with pure mind accepted everything a master said, believing that words from their master were no different than those spoken by Buddha.  Today, few are able to achieve this. If you say the sun rises in the west, someone will immediately point out and say, ‘Master, you are wrong.  You are absolutely incorrect.’


After I posted this passage to the group chat, a Buddhist friend told me the words in the statement were totally ignorant.  Master, what is your view on this?  Is this an ignorant passage?  I don’t think it is. 


Master Jun Hong Lu: It certainly is.  You are being extremely ignorant about this idea.  We should only rely upon the truth, and not on the person who teaches it. 


How many masters are there in this world?  If an immoral master tells you the sun rises in the west, would you accept their words?  This is against both ethics and morality.  It is alright to tell people my master will not speak such false ideas, and therefore I follow him.  However, if your master says such things, you must stop listening to him.  Put simply, follow what is true, and not because the words came from a certain individual.  You are being too foolish. 


Caller: I understand now.  I don’t believe you would pronounce such false notions.


Master Jun Hong Lu:  You should not use this as an example.  It is as though you are saying I myself said something known by many to be tarnished.  Do you think anyone is able to accept this as being the case?  This is ridiculous!  By posting this paragraph, you have already committed slander.  Posting such a paragraph is sarcasm to your master.  Would I say the sun rises in the west?  Don’t you think you are being ignorant?  I think something is wrong with you. 


Caller: I’m sorry, Master Lu.  I realise my mistake.


Master Jun Hong Lu: So many of you still lack wisdom!  Do you believe you are protecting the dharma?  You are in fact mocking your master.  Will your master insist the sun rises in the west?  If I did, I’d also refer to a deer as a horse, which is unacceptable.  Remember, follow what is true rather than the individual.  We practise righteous dharma.  The views you are expressing here are unorthodox.  Your thinking is lacking in wisdom.  Please repent immediately!

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