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24/05/2020 | About Performing Recitation    
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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Master Lu, you mentioned that we should recite sutras/mantras with “feeling”, how are we able to tap into the energy field of Bodhisattva, and enhance the effectiveness of our recitations?

Master Jun Hong Lu: In answering this question, let me ask you, at times when you are “touched” by something that someone did, does that generate “emotional feelings” in you?

Caller: Yes.

Master Jun Hong Lu:  That’s right.  Hence, when it comes to reciting sutras/mantras, should you think about the wishes that Bodhisattva has granted you, for example, she may have blessed your parents to help them recover from an illness or she may have answered your prayers and helped you succeed in some matters. Will you then feel “touched”?

Caller:  Yes, I will.

Master Jun Hong Lu: When recitations are performed in this state of mind, this is when “feelings” will arise.

Caller: I understand now.  It means that we have to adopt a state of mind that is filled with a sense of gratitude towards Guan Yin Bodhisattva.

Master Jun Hong Lu:  That’s right.  For example, you may have sought help from Bodhisattva and you managed to enrol in a specific school, or Bodhisattva has helped one of your family members, you had your prayers answered, etc. When you reminisce on any of these, you will feel “touched” again, and it is at this moment when you perform your recitation. The effect will be different from your usual recitations.

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