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Master Jun Hong Lu’s Discourse

(Question 112)

18 June 2016


Question: While awaiting the results of a college entrance examination, should we continue to recite additional Cundi Dharani daily? Is there a limit that we should observe?

Answer: Generally, based on normal circumstances,  reciting 108 times per day will be sufficient.

Question: Is it all right for us to offer Cundi Dharani Self-Cultivation Mantra daily? Is there a limit that we should observe? After the examination, can we offer Little Houses to untie the karmic knots between the child and the college entrance examination board, or should we just offer general ones with no specific indication?

Answer: Cundi Dharani Self-Cultivation Mantra can be offered as usual, i.e. not more than two pieces (of 272 times each) per week.

In order for the child to achieve favourable examination results, what is most crucial is to perform recitations, make great vows and perform life liberation and to ensure that all these three Golden Practices are performed. You may also recite Gong De Bao Shan Shen Zhou 49 – 108 times, perform more meritorious deeds, make great vows, and perform more life liberations. Meanwhile, you will need to offer Little Houses to the child’s karmic creditors.

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