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Caller: Master, in the effort to propagate Buddhism to others, some fellow practitioners may not have the skill to do so. I was just wondering whether it’s alright to compile a guide that can help one’s sharing to be more focused. Just like in speech delivery, we need to capture people’s attention in the first 30 seconds. In our case, we need to convey the information on what our dharma door stands for in three minutes, covering on the method and its efficacy.

Master Jun Hong Lu: This is something that you should not pursue – I don’t advocate this. Instead, you should treat others with sincerity, hence the name Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door. Do not resort to any particular technique because it is through the heart that we influence others. After all, there’s no fool in this day and age anymore.

Take the technique used in multi-level marketing as an example: Your oratory may make others feel exceptionally good on the spot, but the moment they return home and recollect what you have just said, they will realise that you are simply trying to profit from them. This is why I don’t recommend resorting to such petty worldly tactics.

Why am I liked by so many people? It is because I’m forthright, I don’t mince my words and I am genuine towards others. Even my disciples don’t get upset when I reprimand them because they know that I mean well for them.

Conversely, if I employ a specific modus operandi, they may get the impression that I’m trying to use worldly tactics, which fundamentally should not be intermingled with matters involving Bodhisattvas. This is because what we are propagating are the noble teachings of the Bodhisattvas, transcending matters in the realm of desires. Hence, how can we blend in methods that are used in the mortal world?

Caller: I made a mistake again.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Of course. Conceptually, when you are trying to “capture someone’s attention in 30 seconds”, you are essentially running a multi-level marketing, trying to sell something. However, we are not selling things; rather, we are saving people’s souls. Therefore, how can we apply marketing techniques in doing so?

Source: Wenda20120205 52:27, Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program

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