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Master Jun Hong Lu: Two bosses were eagerly exchanging insights about managing their businesses when they met. One of them grumbled, “I simply can’t tolerate incompetent employees. I currently have three such useless individuals in my company, and I’m planning to fire them in a few days”. Curious, the other boss inquired, “Really? How are they useless?”

The first boss replied, “Well, you see, one of them is overly critical, nitpicking and complaining constantly. Another is forever anxious, fretting about the most trivial matters. Then there’s one who is fond of loitering and finds joy in aimless wanderings”.

After a pause, the second boss suggested, “Why not have these three individuals join my company instead? It would save you the trouble of dismissing them”. The first boss agreed, “Alright, that’s a good idea. Thanks”. Soon after that, the three individuals were sent off to the new company.

The next day, these three individuals joined the new company, assuming their respective roles that their new manager had predesignated. The nitpicker was tasked with quality control, the worrier with security, and the wanderer with the company’s publicity and conducting surveys. Over time, all three performed exceptionally well in their respective roles, and the new company started to thrive rapidly.

This story reminds us that sometimes weaknesses and strengths are not absolute. With the right approach, shortcomings can be transformed into strengths. Take a look at Buddhist practitioners around us, there are many who are not good at writing but are eloquent. When you ask them to share Buddhist teachings with others, they can do it effortlessly.

On the other hand, there are those who are very knowledgeable about the practice. They go, “Master Lu taught me to diligently practise Buddhism, cultivate the mind, make vows, and perform life liberation”. Yet, they become tongue-tied when they need to verbalise the dharma. Separately, there are those who aren’t articulate but they are so good at writing. Such people will leverage the online platform to spread the dharma, and the moment they do so, many people will start to learn Buddhism along with them.

This goes to show that each individual has his own strengths and weaknesses, and these attributes are not always absolute. A shortcoming can be turned into a strength, and it all hinges on one’s ability to discern and look at things from the lens of wisdom, making an endeavour to approach any given issue from diverse angles.

Source: Master Jun Hong Lu’s World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting, Paris, France, 5 September 2019

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